Chris Christie’s overwhelming arrogance is his inferiority complex about his weight in Public life!

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has everything to lose including going to Prison for Perjury for telling the truth; if that truth turns out to be a “lie.”  On the other hand Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno has everything to gain by being untruthful, in her attempt to contradict Ms. Zimmer.


As sure as the Sun would rise, Ms. Guadagno will be called to testify under Oath and at that time, it would be interesting to see how her statement then would contradict her “non-binding” statement during her Monday’s so-called News Conference where she made it clear, “she wasn’t going to answer any questions.”


Also on Monday evening, Dawn Zimmer stood her ground during an interview with Anderson Cooper and did not retract any statement or claims she has made. Ms. Zimmer also stated that the Committee did not vote for the allocation of funds until much later, hence the reason why she did not come forward and created any commotion, because as she said; “80% of her City were under water during the Sandy Storm and she wanted to obtain the funds to help the people.


Apparently Mr. Christie and his Staff would stop at nothing by claiming that they gave Ms. Zimmer 70 Million dollars, when in fact what Mr. Christie’s Administration actually gave to Ms. Zimmer was $382,000.00. The 70 Million dollar figure is funds obtained by Business and Property Owners from their “Flood Insurance.”


Even though I do believe that we must wait until the total investigation is completed, the “domino-effect” has created a pattern of Governor Christ Christie’s egregiousness. It defies logic that the George Washington Bridge fiasco was unknown to Mr. Christie, considering the fact that the highest members of his “Staff,” are the people that triggered the closing down of all of the lanes into “one,” creating the hellish disaster for all parties having to use one of America’s most important and busiest bridges. The damning fact comes from the emails from Christie’s Staff. Chris Christie’s action by supposedly throwing them under the bus, maybe a farce! It seems self evident that Mr. Christie the people allowed Christie to thrown them under the bus because of a promise to hopefully vindicate them and more so, keep them from going to Prison.  


In the final analysis, “the truth always comes out,” irrespective of who or what you are!”


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