Republicans lie that Obama is a big spender is debunked by the Congressional Budget Office! Cable News contributes to this Misnomer!

The Congressional Budget Office [CHART] is definitive proof that as a share of the economy, spending on domestic and defense at today’s level are well below the long-term average. And the Congressional Budge Office projects that by 2023 discretionary spending will fall to 5.3% of GDP, the lowest since 1962.


To dig the country out of the great depression at the time George W. Bush left Office, in 2010 discretionary spending had reached 9.1% of GDP. This was largely due to the stimulus law that began under Mr. Bush and continued by Mr. Obama that saved us from becoming like Russia in 1990 – falling into the financial abyss.


However, it wasn’t that much higher than the 40-year average of 8.4% and was still below the 40-year peak of 10% reached in 1983 by the Republican Greed god – Ronald Reagan.


CABLE NEWS; FOX: CNN: MSNBC: Has made some Americans DUMBER than they already were. Bad news is breaking news from the Coyote’s Hosts that serve their FIVE CORPORATE MASTERS. (All Television and Radio Stations; News Papers; Magazines and the likes are owned by Five Major Corporations) whose only interest is their avarice for more Mammon. 


Cable News manipulate the truth; couch facts into hyperboles and their so called News Casters express their opinions, but never really report the NEWS!


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