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Bobby Uncle Tom Jindal, the hypocritical, sanctimonious, internecine JACK-ASS, is against raising the minimum-wage!

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Bobby Jindal, you are a sanctimonious Jack-Ass! Your parents came to America and used the American system and you benefitted from America’s kindness and now, because you are the Governor of Louisiana you are against raising the minimum wage!


Let me tell you about the minimum wage: I worked for the minimum wage when it was $1.65 per hour. At the time my older brother was very ill and he died that very year leaving a wife and two children, 18 months and 3 years of age. I worked 80 hours per week, traveling on 8 buses per day to work and go to school. You have no idea just how heart-breaking it is to put in those hours and are still unable to feed the people you love, much less, adequately take care of one’s self.


I did complete school and worked at two good jobs and went on to open my own business. From the inception of my business that turned into businesses, I never once to this day paid anyone the minimum wage. The reason being is that “I know what it is to struggle, work yourself into the ground and still can’t afford to get the things you need, much less, something you want.” With and by the grace of God I have managed to become very successful and irrespective of that fact, I don’t live in the past but neither do I forget the past.


Hence, every time I see Politicians who lives of the hard working Americans make stupid statements like you, strangely enough, it is always a Republican. You lost your way when you became one of the extreme lunatics for which you are “their used car salesman.”


You couldn’t even rebuttal the President’s State of the Union Speech when the GOP used you to sell their Lemon-Cars and now you think you can become President of the United States! That ship has long sailed. Your boiler-plate Republican talking point of phantasmagoric rationales and internecine polices have completely removed any possibility of you winning the GOP Nomination, much less sitting in the White House.


Now, go and suck on that you hypocritical JACK – ASS!


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[FACT] President Obama has issued the least number of executive orders since the 1800’s!

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And yet the Fox News Nut Cases, “masters of misnomers” and totally bankrupt of shame, would tend to tell you otherwise and the Fox Wing-Nuts Followers, brainwashed, brain-dead, ignorant and gullible Americans, believe these outlandish lies, perhaps in the same manner as they do that “Climate Change is a fallacy.”


Every American can do their own research and find out the “truth” about anything, rather than take their gospel from CABLE NEWS that have their own agenda; “create commotion with lies; bring on their shows people so far apart in their thinking that if words killed, they would all be dead.


CABLE NEWS HOSTS willingly participate in this hypocrisy at the orders of their Corporate Bosses whose only concerns are; increase viewership in order to garner more advertising to increase revenues in the name of AVARICE!


Of all of America’s Cable News, Fox promotes the most hate; runs down President Obama as if he comes at nights and steals their “only” underwear; have the most notorious, Obama Haters that are bankrupt of truth and decency that never existed before. Lou Dobbs, Smith Varney, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Riley and the rest of Hacking Murdoch’s team lead by Roger Ailes, leaves an open ended question; “why would any sane person listen and follow these people?


Look at any of the shows on Fox and see who their repeated guests are; Rush Limbaugh, John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Sara Palin, Donald Trump, and as for their guests from Congress, “they are the worst of the extreme right of the Republican Party.