John McCain and Lindsay Graham words embolden Putin’s resolve!

Subsequent to Russia’s invasion of Crimea, Ukraine, both John McCain and Lindsay Graham have taken to the “airways” and have continued to make disparaging remarks about President Obama.


John McCain, the ultimate “war-monger” and a man who didn’t see a war that he didn’t like, have repeatedly called President Obama – “Feckless.”


McCain’s side-kick Lindsay Graham has been permeating that Benghazi is the reason why Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea, Ukraine. With words like that coming from two of the Republicans top demagogues, why Putin shouldn’t be embolden to continue down the road of perdition.


It is perhaps perplexing to World Leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others, that America’s other rabble-rousers like Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld [The Gang that couldn’t shoot straight], why should they the Europeans, whose own interest is at stake, implant their countries into such debauchery.


I think that it is a fact that “History” does repeat itself. According to some accounts it was estimated that the loss of life to stop Hitler at Munich would have been approximately 3,000,000. With such a large number many felt that Hitler would soon come to his senses. But, as we are aware, Hitler had totally lost his mind and by the time Hitler was stopped and World War 11 ended, approximately 63,000,000 people had lost their lives.


Chancellor Merkel in a most recent interview said that she thinks Vladimir Putin is living in a different world and that he is out of touch with reality. Well, so was Hitler! I am not advocating War, but I am advocating that Putin’s problem is the world’s problem and as such, all civilized society should speak with one voice and that is especially true when it comes to America’s self-serving Politicians, seeking to destroy one man’s reputation, President Obama, for self-gain and recognition.  


Putin said in 2005 that the greatest travesty of the 20th Century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then in 2008 he invaded Georgia and now he is in complete control of Crimea. For those that do not know, Vladimir Putin’s job with the Kremlin was a “recruiter,” and he was very good at what he did.


Vladimir Putin may not be trying to recreate the USSR, but it sure looks like he is attempting to create The United States of Russia, by brutal force!


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