Benghazi in perspective: Reagan 7 attacks 94 Dead; Bush 13 attacks 60 Dead; Obama 1 attack 4 Dead!

Going on two years the Republicans and their followers having been beating Benghazi like a Mexican Piñata and it is beyond any doubt that they are fully cognizant of the record of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and President Obama. In the case of Reagan he sent hundreds of Marines to Lebanon with orders not to keep their Rifles loaded. A lunatic with a pick-up-truck loaded with explosives, rammed the gates and in a single incident killed more than 243 Marines. Reagan subsequently brought the remainder of the Marines home.


And we must never ever forget that thoughtless Bush invaded Iraq and we lost thousands of Soldiers; tens of thousands were severely injured and more than seventy five thousand are left with mental problems. What was our gain? All we did was replace a Sunni Dictator with a Shiite Dictator who cast his lot with Iran. The cost to the American Tax Payers stands at 1.7 Trillion Dollars.


Republicans and the right wing talking head Pundits have and continue to criticize Obama over his foreign Policy. Obama withdrew us out of Iraq and by year’s end we would be out of Afghanistan. Ask the American people, “they are adamant that they do not want us to be involved with any war, unless absolutely necessary.”


On Twitter, the washed-up actor James Woods embellishes in wanting Justice for Benghazi. Just what does James Woods know about anything having to do with foreign Policy? Even George W. Bush in 2008 knew his limitations and that was self evident when Putin invaded a section of Georgia and former President George W. Bush left it alone.


As far as the Ukraine situation Sanctions are really the only viable options at this time and thus far, the United States and the European Union have placed Sanctions on Russia and as of this morning President Obama announced further Sanctions. People are wondering why Obama doesn’t target Vladimir Putin directly and the reason I believe is that Obama is smart enough to know that closing all the doors on Putin with no exit at this time, could very well escalate this manageable crisis into something much larger. In addition, Europe is our biggest trading Partners and Obama must remain mindful of that fact.


Like the crazy idiot in Nevada, Cliven Bundy, Republicans are all Hat and no Cattle, or another way to put it; they are all mouth and no brains!


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