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General Rick Shinseki maimed in Vietnam took a “Political Bullet” for his fellow Veterans.

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For those who are familiar with Retired General Shinseki, there isn’t any doubt that his decision to resign was solely based on what is best for his Fellow Veterans and his Country. The Republicans and some Democrats in Congress who piled on to Mr. Shinseki, blaming him for a problem that dates back  decades, they are the true inept “reprobates,” not General Shinseki. Mr. Shinseki did more to revamp the Veterans Administration since being named Secretary, than all the people before him, dating back four decades plus.


From our engagement in Vietnam and throughout the years that brought us Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, one lasting as long as eight years and the other, Afghanistan that is thirteen years and counting, the over-strained Veterans Administration that numbered in excess of twenty-two million in 2001, added another two million from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.


The despicable Republicans blocked a 21 billion Veterans Bill three months ago claiming that the Veterans Bill would “bust” the budget, but this week proposed a 600 billion tax cut for big business. Republicans who are always advocating War and sending other people’s sons, daughters, fathers and mothers to fight, get wounded or die, they are the obstructionist for so much that ails America, but yet, with the help of the Media, other people always have to end up being the “Scape-Goat” for the GOP wantonness.


And such was the case for a brave man, General Rick Shinseki, that served his country in battle; was wounded; stood up to former President George W. Bush and was humiliated for publicly questioning Iraq Policy during the Bush Administration.


[As the words left President Barack Obama’s lips on Friday that he had accepted the resignation of retired Army Gen. Eric Shinseki as secretary of Veterans affairs, a pained groan emerged from a crowd of troops, veterans and civilians who’d gathered around television sets at the Pentagon.


His resignation does not fix the intractable problems that have plagued the Department of Veterans Affairs for decades, Shinseki supporters said; perhaps it will make them worse. Particularly galling to some in uniform was that Shinseki was well known for loving the soldiers he commanded and that he had risen to become the chief of staff of the Army, the highest-ranking Asian American in U.S. military history.


“GEN(R) Rick Shinseki gave his all in the service of his nation. He will be missed,” Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tweeted upon learning the news.


Retired Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey, a friend of Shinseki, said that Shinseki was right to resign because he, rather than the VA’s problems, had become the focus. But McCaffrey said it would be hard for anyone to make much headway in solving the VA’s problems before November’s midterm elections. Politics will hinder real change.


“I would be surprised if you could find someone in military who doesn’t look up to him. But that doesn’t mean that he is a political infighter that would deal with Congress, the media and these semi-independent systems in the VA,” McCaffrey said.


Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, like Shinseki a Vietnam veteran, struggled Friday while in en route to Singapore to answer what should happen to Shinseki, just hours before the president’s announcement.


“I leave the politics of it to others. But I’ve made it very clear where I am as a veteran on this, where I am as a secretary of defense _ this has to get fixed and this is as high a priority as this country has, taking care of its veterans,” Hagel told reporters. But he also had kind words for Shinseki. “General Shinseki is a war veteran, disabled; lost part of his foot in Vietnam. And I think he understands . . . what our veterans deserve.” [Miami Herald]


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Satan’s Son Dick Cheney went on Fox Hades and denounced Obama’s Afghan Troop Withdrawal!

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We lost 6,781 Soldiers and 50,159 were wounded, when George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld were in Office and, Dick Cheney had the nerve to go on Fox News and denounce Obama’s planned troop withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of 2014. [We have been in Afghanistan for 13 years; lost over 2,000 precious lives; spent trillions and yet, Cheney and the warmongering right wing doesn’t only want to remain in Afghanistan, they want to start wars, almost everywhere. Just listen to John McCain and Lindsay Grahm!]


Cheney should be wearing an Orange Jump Suit with a Number on the back along with the rest of Bush’s Vulcans [gods of fire], for their criminal negligence in truncating the Afghanistan Justified War to Invade Iraq.


Why can’t the followers of these inept people see the truth? The malfeasance of these pernicious people and uselessness of the GOP House and Senate is so self evident, one has to be totally uninformed, ignorant and brainwashed, “to defend what was once called “The Grand Old Party,” the GOP!”


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Dick Cheney went on the Republican [EMBOUCHURE] Fox News and criticized Obama for pulling out the troops at the end of 2014!

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The Republicans game has and continues to be; target the uninformed, brainwashed and the ignorant by using the Media to promulgate that America’s failure that occurred during Bush’s 2001 – 2008 leadership that literally wrecked America and the American people, “is all Obama’s fault.” It is self evident that Fox News are the leading “mouth piece” for this deceptiveness. The amazing fact is that the followers of the GOP that are so brainwashed, they remain entrenched in this Republican “Beehive” Fantasy!


If Obama had sent America’s Troops into Iraq in 2003 and two months later, he had put on his G.I. JOE uniform and landed in an F16 Jet Fighter on the Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier with the banner reading “Mission Accomplished,” and subsequently, over 4,500 soldiers were killed, more likely than not, he would have been brought up on charges of Treason!


President Obama who seems to always use his intelligence and thoughtfulness in his decision making process are constantly criticized by the right-wing, most of them former Bush’s Vulcans [gods of fire] that ignored the lessons of the cold war era of deterrence and containment, and instead introduced internecine policies of “might is right;” “unilateral action;”and worst of all, phantasmagoric rationales to justify their Orwellian terror Policies that damaged America in ways that are inconceivable to conceptualize.


Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, the two “heads” of Bush’s Vulcans never took into consideration that in today’s modern world, that apart from a strong Military, in the final analysis; economics is the weapon of 21st Century. Looking at Iraq and Afghanistan, they are both disasters. Bush truncated the Afghanistan Invasion and got side tracked into Iraq and we all know how that turned out. Trillions spent and for what?


Considering that America was nothing more than a very depressed “swap-meet” when Obama took Office in 2009 and comparing America today, we have come a long way out of the deep and unforgiving waters we were tossed into by the Policies of Bush’s Vulcans. [gods of fire]. It is one thing to spout into the Television Camera or sit behind a desk and pen your thoughts with criticism, but, to become President in 2009 facing surmountable odds and with no help from the Republicans in Congress,  and still managed to place America on a sound footing, Mr. Obama should be praised, not lectured, by the morons that catapulted 235 years of America’s sacrifice and burnt our fortune.   


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Media’s interest in Traitor Snowden is not about your privacy; it is about their profits!

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For Higher Ratings The News Media Attempts To Turn Thief And Traitor, Edward Snowden Into a Hero, Doesn’t Change Him From Being A Thief And A Traitor!


Edward Snowden and the various Media Outlets have jeopardized the lives of our Men and Women in Uniform and our Diplomats around the world.


America is not perfect, but The United States have done more good for this world, than “all” of the other countries in the world combined together. Yes, we spy to stop the lunatics that contribute in turning the world upside down; whereas, China’s spying is for self-gain, they conduct “Industrial Espionage. And as for Russia, Putin’s “only” agenda is to re-create some form of what used to be The Soviet Union. Russia and China are the two Countries, thief and traitor, Edward Snowden, stole America’s property and gave it to these two despot Nations.


After the theft Snowden went to Hong Kong and for those that are naïve, Hong Kong is China and if you believe the thief and traitor that he didn’t give anything to China, then you are dumber than you think you are. Next stop, Moscow! Notice how long Snowden was held up at the International Section of Russia’s Airport. Why? It was there Putin’s still KGB’s extrapolated “everything” from Snowden before Putin gave Snowden asylum.


One doesn’t need Albert Einstein’s IQ to know that the Media’s Interest in Snowden is not about your “right to know,” it is about the News Media avarice to enhance “Mammon” for their Corporate Owners with higher ratings and viewership!  


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Chris Wallace, be guided by the man your Dad was and not the “narcissists,” you call a Panel, week after week after week!

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I used to look at your Fox News Sunday, but, eventually the “bias” view from you, your right-wing guests and unequivocally, your extreme right-wing Panel, I totally tuned out. It may be hardly appropriate for me to give you advice, however, this year makes 27 years since my Dad passed away, but, beyond any doubt, he was the most “decent and honorable” human being I have ever met in my life. To reiterate my sincerity about the claims I make about my father, my bona fide is that I couldn’t say the same thing about my mother.


The world has lost many good people; however, when it comes to the News in general, America and the world suffered great loses with the demise of Peter Jennings, David Brinkley, Tim Russet and your Dad, Mr. Mike Wallace. These people didn’t only report the news, they were objective and irrespective of whom or what the subject was, they stood their ground for fairness.


It may be you are caught in a situation working for Rupert Murdoch and his side kick Roger Ailes and your are following their demands, however, nothing material in this life is worth burning out your legacy.


Fox News Slogan of “Fair and Balance” is the same as CNN saying “the most trusted name in news,” or MSNBC making claim that they are objective. I think you got the point!


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Political Ignorance and Split Voting result in People Voting Against Their Own Best Interest!

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[Source: New York Times]



Split-ticket voting is quite rare for top offices like president and senator. But those who do choose candidates from different parties on Election Day have at least one thing in common: They know less about politics than people who vote the straight party line.


Where you live and who is running for office certainly shape the odds that you will split your ballot, but by far the best predictor is how much general political knowledge you have.


It is easy to come up with examples of cross-party statewide outcomes: New Jersey (which voted for President Obama twice) and its two-term Republican governor, Chris Christie; or California and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are plenty of reasons for split-party statewide outcomes, including popular incumbents and changes in who turns out to vote for different offices in different years.


But don’t be fooled. State-level splits do not imply a prevalence of cross-party voting at the individual level. Consider this simple example. If 100 voters cast ballots in the presidential election and vote for the Democrat 52 to 48, the Democrat wins with a four-vote margin. If those same 100 voters cast votes in a Senate election and break for the Republican 51 to 49, the Republican wins with a two-vote margin. When elections are close, a few voters splitting their tickets can flip outcomes between the parties if the electorate is made up of the same people. (When different people show up across years, outcomes can swing between the parties without anyone’s splitting a ticket).


In 2012, nationwide, only 7 percent of voters who cast ballots; Open New York Times Link for the full story! 


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Critics of Hillary Clinton, “what have you done with your life?”

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The Trolls or as I refer to them as “haters,” use Social Media to demonize Mrs. Clinton with every form of derogatory remarks imaginable and unimaginable. To those critics I defend their right of Free Speech under the Freedom of Speech Act as defined in the First Amendment to the Constitution.


However, to those Trolls [Haters] I ask a simple question; “what have you done with your life?” Mrs. Clinton for years was sanctioned by the Bar Association as “one” of the top “100” Lawyers in the Country. Mrs. Clinton has spent her entire adult life defending the rights of Children and equality for women. She is also a defender of “equality for all.”


We are still two years and three months away from the 2016 Presidential Election and although Mrs. Clinton hasn’t officially said that she will be a Candidate for the Presidency, the consensus is that she will do so when the time is right.


Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stated that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be President. One must remember that Mr. Kissinger is a Republican and former Member of the Nixon Administration. We are by no means fortune tellers, however, logic plus common sense taking into proper perspective seems to determine that Mrs. Clinton is in the best position to win the Presidency and become America’s First Female President. My personal opinion is that Mrs. Clinton, should she become President, would be an asset to all people, not only in America, but the entire world. I hope that she does run and that she wins!


Quote that represents Hillary R. Clinton;


Virtues of Women!


“There is something in a woman beyond all human delights: a magnetic virtue, a charming quality, and occult and powerful motive of love and caring.


A beautiful woman is the perfect workmanship of God and the sole wonder of the world. When I see the elaborate study and ingenuity displayed by women in the pursuit of achieving their goals, I feel no doubt of their herculean undertakings.”


Man’s sin is that he has not had enough humility; woman’s that she has had too much of it. It is as if, by letting women carry the burden of being humble and pious for them, men have got rid of any need to appropriate these virtues for themselves and so have felt free to visit aggression on the world.”


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Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and other GOP’S blocked a 21 billion Veterans Bill

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The Bill would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans, the Senate GOP said the $24 billion bill would bust the budget.  However, the same unpatriotic Republicans that betrayed the Veterans find it fitting to display outrage for the Veterans Administrations fallibilities.



In a shameful display of partisan obstruction by the Mitch McConnell led Senate Republicans that blocked the bill that would have improved veterans benefits.



Senate Republicans blocked the veteran’s bill by using a procedural maneuver to invoke the 60 vote rule. The final vote to waive the budget point of order failed, 56-41. Only two Republicans (Sen. Dean Heller and Sen. Jerry Moran) joined with Democrats on the vote.



(Reuters) – “U.S. Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans, saying the $24 billion bill would bust the budget.


Even though the legislation cleared a procedural vote by a 99-0 vote, the measure quickly got bogged down in partisan fighting.


Supporters said the measure would have brought the most significant changes in decades to U.S. veterans’ programs. For example, it called for 27 new medical facilities to help a healthcare system that is strained by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.”


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Even the dead may be offended, but then again, like McConnell, they aren’t in any hurry and can’t get anything done!

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McConnell promised Obama would be a One Term President and now, Mitch says he is going to force Obama to do the GOP bidding!


One has to wonder just how dumb some  Americans are to have kept this capricious, egregious, pernicious, “do nothing for the Middle-Class or the Poor,” Senator, in Office for the past 30 years!


It is my hope that in November 2014 Senator Mitch McConnell would be removed from Office so that he can spend the rest of his life, doing the job that is best suited for him and that is being a …….


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Bonnie and Clyde Internecine Polices Implemented by Bush, Wrecked America but the GOP continues to beat the Benghazi and Obamacare Drum!

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President Obama has brought us a long way from the dark days of 2008, but the GOP and their right-wing followers with Fox News as their mouth piece, castigates Obama every day because the damage done to America by Bush and Cheney wiping out 235 years of goodwill and good fortune, hasn’t all been restored in the five years Obama has been President.


George W. Bush [Raymond Hamilton], Clyde Barrow [Dick Cheney] and Bonnie Parker [Condoleezza Rice] – “Bonnie and Clyde” 2001 – 2008


Dick Cheney used the Iraq War to help himself to No-Bid Contracts to enhance his Wealth through his Halliburton Company, making billions at the cost of American lives; Tax Payers Money and yet, this morally bankrupt Vulture, has the nerve to assign blame to Hillary Clinton and President Obama. In the final analysis, Iraq war was a “cash-cow” for pernicious Cheney and former President George W. Bush, bears the responsibility for all of this “evil,” because after all, he was President for eight [8] years.


Bush’s Policies Vis a Vis Bonnie and Clyde “killed” 6,781 American Soldiers; wounded in excess of 55,000 and left 75,000 with severe Mental Problems, at a financial cost to America’s Tax Payers of 4.1 Trillion Dollars and counting. The Republican Trolls should at least include “facts” rather than phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissism, in their 24/7, brainwashed, uninformed and ignorant “rant.”  


Bonnie [Condoleezza Rice] and Clyde Barrow [Dick Cheney] Polices that were implemented by former President George W. Bush, [Raymond Hamilton] has been the worst in the “entire” History of America. For Fox News, Bonnie, Clyde, Hamilton and the outrageous Republicans that are still harping on Benghazi, even though we have had 13 Hearings and a Criminal Investigation by former Republican Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Retired Republican Admiral Michael Mullen, whose “written” report found no malfeasance, is self evident of the moral bankruptcy by Repugnant Republican Reprobates, as they continue to use the tragic deaths of the four Americans, to raise money in their attempt to win the November 2014 Mid-Term Elections and the White House in 2016.



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