Critics of President Obama’s Policies: Phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissism are not facts! JOBS!

Every day and night, GOP right-wing Radio, TV and Print News and their followers are always trashing President Obama with assertions that Obama has or is destroying the country. These people are perhaps most of the time just willfully pernicious, or they are uninformed, ignorant or brainwashed from the Politicians that are using them.

Notice of how the Republicans are always running down the Federal Government, but at the same time they lie, cheat, steal and are most unethical, making every attempt to get elected or keeping their jobs with the Federal Government. As for the GOP Party, they use every method to gain control of the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and appoint extremist Judges like Clarence Thomas and Antonia Scalia to uphold their irrational agenda.

Red States controlled by Republicans are the poorest in the nation and rather than implement laws and pass bills to help better educate the children; help the poor and better their States, they pass outrageous Gun Laws hiding behind the Second Amendment to the Constitution. In those States people are ignorant and even with the little money they have; they go out and purchase more Guns. There isn’t anything wrong with sane people owning Guns, but to spend money you cannot afford to purchase Guns, you have got to be dumber than the door nails in your homes!

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