Critics of Hillary Clinton, “what have you done with your life?”

The Trolls or as I refer to them as “haters,” use Social Media to demonize Mrs. Clinton with every form of derogatory remarks imaginable and unimaginable. To those critics I defend their right of Free Speech under the Freedom of Speech Act as defined in the First Amendment to the Constitution.


However, to those Trolls [Haters] I ask a simple question; “what have you done with your life?” Mrs. Clinton for years was sanctioned by the Bar Association as “one” of the top “100” Lawyers in the Country. Mrs. Clinton has spent her entire adult life defending the rights of Children and equality for women. She is also a defender of “equality for all.”


We are still two years and three months away from the 2016 Presidential Election and although Mrs. Clinton hasn’t officially said that she will be a Candidate for the Presidency, the consensus is that she will do so when the time is right.


Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stated that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be President. One must remember that Mr. Kissinger is a Republican and former Member of the Nixon Administration. We are by no means fortune tellers, however, logic plus common sense taking into proper perspective seems to determine that Mrs. Clinton is in the best position to win the Presidency and become America’s First Female President. My personal opinion is that Mrs. Clinton, should she become President, would be an asset to all people, not only in America, but the entire world. I hope that she does run and that she wins!


Quote that represents Hillary R. Clinton;


Virtues of Women!


“There is something in a woman beyond all human delights: a magnetic virtue, a charming quality, and occult and powerful motive of love and caring.


A beautiful woman is the perfect workmanship of God and the sole wonder of the world. When I see the elaborate study and ingenuity displayed by women in the pursuit of achieving their goals, I feel no doubt of their herculean undertakings.”


Man’s sin is that he has not had enough humility; woman’s that she has had too much of it. It is as if, by letting women carry the burden of being humble and pious for them, men have got rid of any need to appropriate these virtues for themselves and so have felt free to visit aggression on the world.”


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