Media’s interest in Traitor Snowden is not about your privacy; it is about their profits!

For Higher Ratings The News Media Attempts To Turn Thief And Traitor, Edward Snowden Into a Hero, Doesn’t Change Him From Being A Thief And A Traitor!


Edward Snowden and the various Media Outlets have jeopardized the lives of our Men and Women in Uniform and our Diplomats around the world.


America is not perfect, but The United States have done more good for this world, than “all” of the other countries in the world combined together. Yes, we spy to stop the lunatics that contribute in turning the world upside down; whereas, China’s spying is for self-gain, they conduct “Industrial Espionage. And as for Russia, Putin’s “only” agenda is to re-create some form of what used to be The Soviet Union. Russia and China are the two Countries, thief and traitor, Edward Snowden, stole America’s property and gave it to these two despot Nations.


After the theft Snowden went to Hong Kong and for those that are naïve, Hong Kong is China and if you believe the thief and traitor that he didn’t give anything to China, then you are dumber than you think you are. Next stop, Moscow! Notice how long Snowden was held up at the International Section of Russia’s Airport. Why? It was there Putin’s still KGB’s extrapolated “everything” from Snowden before Putin gave Snowden asylum.


One doesn’t need Albert Einstein’s IQ to know that the Media’s Interest in Snowden is not about your “right to know,” it is about the News Media avarice to enhance “Mammon” for their Corporate Owners with higher ratings and viewership!  


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