Dick Cheney went on the Republican [EMBOUCHURE] Fox News and criticized Obama for pulling out the troops at the end of 2014!

The Republicans game has and continues to be; target the uninformed, brainwashed and the ignorant by using the Media to promulgate that America’s failure that occurred during Bush’s 2001 – 2008 leadership that literally wrecked America and the American people, “is all Obama’s fault.” It is self evident that Fox News are the leading “mouth piece” for this deceptiveness. The amazing fact is that the followers of the GOP that are so brainwashed, they remain entrenched in this Republican “Beehive” Fantasy!


If Obama had sent America’s Troops into Iraq in 2003 and two months later, he had put on his G.I. JOE uniform and landed in an F16 Jet Fighter on the Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier with the banner reading “Mission Accomplished,” and subsequently, over 4,500 soldiers were killed, more likely than not, he would have been brought up on charges of Treason!


President Obama who seems to always use his intelligence and thoughtfulness in his decision making process are constantly criticized by the right-wing, most of them former Bush’s Vulcans [gods of fire] that ignored the lessons of the cold war era of deterrence and containment, and instead introduced internecine policies of “might is right;” “unilateral action;”and worst of all, phantasmagoric rationales to justify their Orwellian terror Policies that damaged America in ways that are inconceivable to conceptualize.


Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, the two “heads” of Bush’s Vulcans never took into consideration that in today’s modern world, that apart from a strong Military, in the final analysis; economics is the weapon of 21st Century. Looking at Iraq and Afghanistan, they are both disasters. Bush truncated the Afghanistan Invasion and got side tracked into Iraq and we all know how that turned out. Trillions spent and for what?


Considering that America was nothing more than a very depressed “swap-meet” when Obama took Office in 2009 and comparing America today, we have come a long way out of the deep and unforgiving waters we were tossed into by the Policies of Bush’s Vulcans. [gods of fire]. It is one thing to spout into the Television Camera or sit behind a desk and pen your thoughts with criticism, but, to become President in 2009 facing surmountable odds and with no help from the Republicans in Congress,  and still managed to place America on a sound footing, Mr. Obama should be praised, not lectured, by the morons that catapulted 235 years of America’s sacrifice and burnt our fortune.   


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