2014 – March: A 19 year old Wyoming College student jumped off a Denver Hotel Balcony after eating a pot cookie with 65 milligrams of THC.


2014 – April: A Denver man ate a pot-infused Karma Kandy and began talking crazy scaring his wife and three children. He then shot and killed his wife while she was on the phone with an emergency dispatcher.


As Jack Healy reported in The Times on Sunday, Colorado hospital officials “are treating growing numbers of children and adults sickened by potent doses of edible marijuana” and neighboring states are seeing more stoned drivers.


“We realized there was a problem because we’re watching everything with the urgency of the first people to regulate in this area,” said Andrew Freedman, the state’s director of marijuana coordination. “There are way too many stories of people not understanding how much they’re eating. With liquor, people understand what they’re getting themselves into. But that doesn’t exist right now for edibles for new users in the market. It would behoove the industry to create a more pleasant experience for people.


“The whole industry was set up for people who smoked frequently. It needs to learn how to educate new users in the market. We have to create a culture of responsibility around edibles, so people know what to expect to feel.”


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