Republicans and the NRA misuse of the 2nd Amendment to the ignorant killed another five Americans today, June 8, 2014.


Republican Hands are so deep into the NRA Pocket; the GOP doesn’t know where the NRA hands end and theirs begin. One fact that is self evident and that is the continued use by Republicans misrepresenting the 2nd Amendment to the ignorant and the brainwashed, are killing Americans at the rate of forty [40] per day.


A little more than a year ago when twenty [20] beautiful children [ Babies] was shot to death at the Sandy Hook School by a deranged lunatic who had no business touching a gun, much less having access that his mother authorized, killed those twenty [20] innocent babies and seven adults that included his mother.


With a tragedy so pernicious it seemed for the moment that compassion was finally going to prevail and steps were going to be taken to stop this madness. Well, shortly thereafter, Republicans and Five Democrats including Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, voted against actions that 90% of all Americans supported. 


Politics and the Passion for Guns, usurped “compassion” for humans lives, mostly because, Republicans that represent Red States and Democrats that are in Red States, are so afraid to lose their Public Office due to possible back-lash from America’s Gun Whores, rather remain in Office than save lives.


Since then to this present day that took the lives of another 5 people in a Las Vegas Restaurant, two of them Police Offices that was having lunch, where does the country go from here.


More people get dead from Guns inside of America, than on the Battle Field of Afghanistan and the questions are; Where do we go from here? When does it end? Will it ever end?


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