Seditious American Jihadists in America responsible for inciting the Anarchist criminal mentality…

The people in the image below are responsible for the out of control Gun Violence and the anti-government mentality that is sweeping the Nation, hedging on extremely dangerous grounds. Republicans and Fox News may very well be responsible for the deaths of the two Police Officers in Las Vegas. If you would recall, many in the GOP and Fox News took the side of the Law Breaking perpetrator in the Bundy Ranch Escapade in Nevada.


Outside of the United States and perhaps England, in almost any other country if these people couldn’t be found, the statement directly below would apply to them. When some in the Media and Politicians participate in “seditious acts,” they should be held responsible for the consequences.  


“Wanted for inciting violence through seditious acts and are responsible for Gun Violence against 74 schools since the devastating Sandy Hook murder of 20 children and other Gun related deaths!”


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