The Do Nothing Republican House And Senate Is Trying To Spin Their Seismic Loss Of Eric Cantor By Criticizing President Obama.

Like the “Rats” they are, Republicans are trying to spin the Seismic Political 8.7 on the Richter Scale Earthquake of Eric Cantor’s loss to the mostly unknown Tea Bagger, by criticizing President Obama. This was self evident from the hypocritical, deceptive, egregious three minute News Conference by Speaker John Jack-Daniels Boehner earlier today.


Boehner came out looking like the drunken over tanned Pirate like he always does and rambled on about President Obama’s policies that have made America worst. The drunken Sailor claimed that Obama hasn’t done anything about jobs, the economy, or the country and he went on to say that Obama’s Policy of bringing our Troops home from Iraq was a huge mistake and it is the reason why Iraq is in disarray. He said while Iraq is falling apart Obama is taking a Nap! Boehner also complained that Obama pulling our Troops out of Afghanistan is also another huge mistake.


Just imagine, this is coming from a man whose Party has done everything within their power to block anything and everything President Obama has done. The Republicans panacea over the past five years and four months since Obama has been President is to do nothing and say no and disagree with the President on all of Obama’s agenda.


If people want their lives not to fall back into the ditch where Bush and Cheney threw us, “we had better get out and VOTE BLUE in November. It is imperative that we hold on to the Senate and if at all possible, try and wrestle control of the House from this DO NOTHING GOP HOUSE AND SENATE.  


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