McCain, Graham and Boehner; Prodding the GOP to refight the Iraqi War.

Despite the thousands of lives lost; the tens of thousands wounded and in excess of 1.7 Trillion Dollars spent on George W. Bush’s insane invasion of Iraq, John McCain has gone totally nuts and seems to be constantly on Fox and CNN, stating that we had won in Iraq but McCain is claiming he knew that when we withdraw the Troops out of Iraq, the country would fall into chaos. What did John McCain expect America to do? Keep our Military in Iraq at the cost of billions of dollars per week?


Fact of the matter is that despite the tremendous sacrifice of blood and treasure, we didn’t win anything and what Bush and Cheney broke in 2003 by invading Iraq, they were never able to repair the damage and as outsiders, we cannot fix what is wrong with Iraq by Military means. Any sensible person would know that the divide between the Sunnis and the Shiites have been going on for hundreds of years and the only people that can bring some sanity to Iraq, are the people that got into Power when Bush invaded Iraq.


As we are aware, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that was basically installed by Bush, during the Iraqi election in 2010, al-Maliki didn’t get the majority of votes, but he refused to step down. Al-Maliki refused to sign the Status of Forces Agreement that would have protected Americans from Iraqi Law and it would have allowed President Obama to leave a residual force in Iraq. However, the agreement that was signed by George W Bush called for our total withdrawal at the end of 2011. Hence, without the Status of Forces Agreement, Obama had to withdraw all of the troops.


Al-Maliki, once America had left, he fired all of the Commanders from the army that we had trained and fortified with weapons at a cost of 15 billion dollars. Al-Maliki then hired his cronies that became obligated to him and set Iraq on a downward course that is the result of Iraq’s present predicament. How or what President Obama is going to do, I can’t say, but I would quicker trust Obama’s decision than the war-mongering John McCain and others in the Republican Party.


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McCain who has taken the position that he is some type of War Expert has a questionable Vietnam record. You be the Judge and read what Command Sergeant John Holland account of John McCain is. Open the link, they are not my words, they are that of Command Sergeant, John Holland.  


Command Sergeant John Holland, account of John McCain and the Vietnam War; Hero or Traitor?




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