Dick Cheney, America’s Repugnant Reprobate Totally Disrespected President Obama in the WSJ and also says Obama is wrong about everything;

Cheney, the man who profited 39.5 billion dollars from the Iraqi War that took the lives of 6,781 Soldiers; 50, 159 Wounded on Cheney’s Watch; and cost the Tax Payers 1.7 Trillion Dollars.


One has to wonder in amazement just how much lower in values America has to go when you see the Polling Data that a majority in America is in line with Cheney, the other Republicans and the Powered Botoxed talking heads at Fox News and their twisted guests.


“Tracking this hate back to just after the G.W. Bush departure, a compilation of a wigged-out right-wing sites and others of a similar mien continuously examine the premise, why the world “Hates” Obama or euphemistically, U.S. “leadership.” One of the president’s shortcomings is apparently his refusal to fight every Muslim nation on the planet. Whenever he doesn’t send your son or daughter to a far-off land to get butchered for essentially local civil-religious wars and multi-national oil interests, he’s accused of being an appeaser. His Nobel Peace Prize is held in total contempt by the warmongers. Trying to prevent needless deaths is perceived as “hostility to American power.



Other Obama-bashings include: His administration is a rolling disaster and “He’s failed from sea to shining sea.” A Pew Research Center survey is referenced that since 2009, favorable attitudes toward the U.S. had slipped everywhere in the world except Russia and Japan. American (read Obama)-hating surveys and lists are always appearing in assorted right-wing rags including the Wall Street Journal.” [Politicususa.com]



One doesn’t have to be Albert Einstein to know that at the end of George W Bush’s Presidency we were a country that was in disarray and on the verge of total collapse. The Housing Market had totally collapsed due to unregulated Banks that concocted a scheme titled “derivatives” that was the sole cause of millions losing their homes and others going under water. America’s Pillar of strength the Stock Market, the Dow fell to 6,500; Banking were being closed down at the rate of 150 plus per month wiping away people’s life savings. We were losing jobs at the rate of 800,000 per month and we had Two out of control Wars with a cost of 5.1 trillion dollars and counting, and yes, at the end of Bush’s Presidency it seemed very likely that we were about to become like Russia when the Soviet Union Collapsed – “A Bankrupt Country.”



Today, President Obama’s Leadership drew us out of the deep and unforgiving waters Bush and Cheney tossed us into.  One War has ended and the other is coming to an end and that is what has Cheney and the War Mongering Republicans up in arms, verbally abusing the President publicly every day. War is big business for the GOP and their “in the pocket contractors,” like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton that profited 39.5 billion dollars from the death and destruction caused by the Iraqi invasion.


How can anyone blame Obama for the chaos Bush and Bush’s Vulcans [gods of fire] caused by their policy “if you don’t agree with us you are against us and the go it alone unnecessary wars that turned the world upside down.



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