Do most Americans have a clue about the reality of Iraq? Or is their reality Cable News and the Despots that find themselves on Television, like Cheney!

The Media’s obsession with Polls like they did in 2003; 80% of Americans had favored Bush invading Iraq. Now, 59% of Americans disagree with Obama’s Iraq Policy. We saw this picture before when it comes to Iraq.


President Obama is no weakling but neither is he a fool. As the President said, “No amount of fire power can fix what is wrong with Iraq.”  


Does most American have a clue about the reality of Iraq? Or, is their reality Cable News and the “Despots” like Cheney and Bush’s Cronies that got us into Iraq!


 If you listen to the Bush Gang that actually “broke” Iraq by invading it and opened a door for more killings than Saddam Hussein regime did, they lie without any thought for the truth and it seems self evident that they are counting on the stupidity of many Americans, who doesn’t seem to have a clue about facts.


When the Russian/Ukraine problem came up, 88% of Americans hadn’t a clue where Ukraine was located. Some 33% thought that Ukraine was a city within one of our own 50 States. Others thought Ukraine was in South America. It is actually sad to see how dumb we have become, irrespective of all of the opportunities and tools available to help educate us.


I would take a wager that most Americans have no idea about Shiites and Sunnis and why they have been killing each other for thousands of years. The same 80% that favored Bush invading Iraq, they turned on him as soon as his “Mission Accomplish” turned out to be a farce.


I do believe that President Obama is a wise and thoughtful man and his reluctance about Iraq at the moment, has to do with the Prime Minister, Nour al-Maliki that was installed by Bush. I also do not believe that Obama is going to re-invade Iraq. He would help Diplomatically and with advisers, but this is a President who isn’t going to send your sons and daughters to get killed and maimed, for other people’s religious wars.


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