Republicans and Religion are one and the same; “Picking The Pockets Of The Middle-Class And The Poor Republicans.”

GOP misusing the Law does it for the money and to maintain their base; Religion misusing Fear does it for the money and to pretend they are connected to God!


“It is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they are being fooled.” Since retaking control of the House of Representatives in 2010, be honest with yourself, Republicans haven’t done anything in the House or the Senate to help The American People, whether or not you are Republican or Democrat.


If President Obama had listened to the Republicans, American Soldiers would be fighting in Ukraine from the War the Republicans were promulgating; and our Soldiers would have been entangled in the midst of Civil and Religious Wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, and perhaps a dozen more countries.


Republicans have blocked in both the Senate and the House every piece of legislation to fund “Domestic” programs, but have and are willing to vote for any and all things having to do with War. The GOP have denied extending Unemployment Insurance that our Returning Veterans depend on; they have blocked the 21 Billion Veterans Bill; They have slashed and complain every day about Food Stamps for which the Veterans depend on to supplement their income, but, Republicans want to send Americans to War and create more Veterans when they refuse to take care of the 23 million Veterans we have at present.


From Kenneth Copeland to Benny Hinn, Paula White and others with their “Mega-Churches,” they have been embroiled from one scandal to another; they live high off the Collection-Plate while the Poor keeps on giving whatever little they have. The Poor gives because from the Pulpit the Preachers says; “If you don’t have is because you don’t give,” and naïve hardworking, struggling people, take whatever little they have and toss it into the Lion’s plate where it is devoured by those men and women calling themselves men and women of God. I am no Atheist, but I do know that “God has never been and will never be a Religion.”


Every Religion was founded by fallible men and are used by fallible people to satisfy their avarice for Mammon and Power! Just take a good look at the Republican Politicians that are always espousing Religion and Country and then, look at their deeds; they are Christians bankrupt of Christ and Patriots bankrupt of Patriotism.


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