Meet The GOP Newest Running Mate – GUNS; Republicans Run Red States Are The Poorest In The NATION and that is a fact! [Gallup Poll]

Republicans Run Red-States Are The Poorest In The Nation; Least Educated; Anarchist Mentality All Free From The Deceptive Courtesy Of The Deceptive Republican Politicians, Feeding The Uninformed, Ignorant And Brainwashed, Seditiousness That Has Created A Criminal Mentality That Is The Root Cause Of The Blatant Gun Violence Killing Children, Women And Men At The Rate Of 40 Per Day.


Republicans are in such a disarray that rather than pass Job Bills, Infrastructure, Education or anything Domestic that would help the American People, they are hell-bent on promoting Anarchy by total and complete misuse of the Second Amendment promulgating seditiousness that is inducing Criminal Minded Anarchists, the kind that killed the two “Innocent Public Servants in Las Vegas – Police Officers.”


The Republican Party and their followers that are big on mouth about Christianity, Patriots and Country, they are sure bankrupt of Christ; Patriotism and really do not care about what happens to America, so long as the GOP Politicians hold on to their seats in Congress; the Governor’s Mansions and aspire to recapture the White House in 2016.


America belong to the People, not a handful of deceptive Politicians and unless and until the American People see each other as Americans first and Party Second, Politicians will wreck America and turn it into a Banana Republic. To the Gun Whores; Guns don’t educate or feed your children and help them out of misery to a better life, the GOP is picking not only your Pockets, but wake up, they have picked your brain.


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