Amazing Economic News today July 3, 2014, but the Media, especially Cable, is focused on the 33% that thinks Obama is the worst President since World War 11. What about the 67%?

June 288,000 Jobs; 9.9 Million Jobs in 5 years 5 months; Unemployment 6.1%; Dow Breaks 17,000 Record. There are so many positive and good things to report but as usual, the Media’s job is always to report Gloom and Doom. There is a reason and that is good news is only a flash when comes to the Media, but bad things, well, they linger on and on and on.


The Republican Congress according to Gallup has a New Record Low of 7% favorable ratings and yet, they are all over the Media and no one ever questions them about the Jobs Bill; Infrastructure; Education or anything that would uplift the spirits of the uninformed Americans.


It is self evident that with nothing good to offer by the Republicans Run Red States, Legislator tell the people, Obama is the reason why your life is miserable; Obama is the reason why you are deprived from a decent education; Obama is going to take your Guns away so stock up and we will continue to Pass Legislation to allow you to carry your Guns anywhere in the State. And people, uninformed, ignorant and brainwashed haven’t a clue that their GOP Legislators are picking their pockets as President Lyndon B. Johnson stated.


Fact of the matter is whether you are Republican or Democrat, Obama is working for the good of everyone; however, when it comes to Republican Legislators, whether you are Republican or Democrat, they don’t care about you period! The GOP is the Party that protects America’s top 5% at the expense of everyone else.


The Republican Trolls never writes anything factual, but they Troll under anything having to do with Obama, calling you names and running over Obama with phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissism. You cannot educate them about facts for one main reason and that is; “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they are being fooled.


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