[Republicans and Fox News and Children At The Border] Former President George W. Bush on December 23, 2008 signed into law – “Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Authorization Act.”

The Bipartisan Bill that Mr. Bush signed, Mandates Illegal Aliens Children be transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement within 24 hours of setting foot on American Soil or as soon as reasonable possible.


It begs the question that for all the commotion created by Republicans and Fox News, why they haven’t made any mention as to why the Federal Government must follow the Law that was enacted by a Republican President that had Bipartisan support.


I think it is reasonable to ascertain the reason why Republicans and Fox News willfully doesn’t provide the details of the refugee Children. Hence, a reasonable rationale would be that Republicans feed Red-Meat to their Constituencies to maintain their base and Fox News does the same to maintain their uninformed, ignorant, brainwashed audience!


Notice carefully that the Republicans and Fox News that are blaming President Obama for the influx of Children and are protesting verbally and in person are people that call themselves Christians and Patriots. I wonder if they ever thought to ask the question, “what would Christ want them to do with these children? “


In the final analysis, these Right Wing Republicans and their Mouth-Piece, Fox News, are Christians without Christ and Patriots totally bankrupt of Patriotism.


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