Rick Perry, FOCK NEWS and July 9, 2014 meeting between President Obama and Governor Perry, Texas Border Problems

Republicans are the Party of Do Nothing except to use every opportunity to run over President Obama for all that ails America, irrespective of Laws that exist prior to Mr. Obama becoming President.


On Wednesday July 09, 2014 Rick Perry met with the President over the Border Crisis regarding the refugee children. Subsequent to the meeting Obama held a short News Conference and he never said “one” bad word about Rick Perry. Obama said he asked Rick Perry to speak with the Texas Republican Caucus to Vote for the Bill that would help to placate some of the problems from the present situation.


On the other hand, Gun Toting Rick Perry dashed over to FOCK NEWS to lambast the President that was in total contradiction of what others said about the meeting that was present. Why and what makes Republicans so obnoxious about this President? It is difficult for many to comprehend the level of hate and bigotry towards President Obama by Republicans and Murdoch’s Fox News, if it can really be sanctioned as a News Agency or an Obama hate machine.


Former President George W. Bush on December 23, 2008 signed into law – “Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Authorization Act.”


The Bipartisan Bill that Mr. Bush signed, Mandates Illegal Aliens Children be transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement within 24 hours of setting foot on American Soil or as soon as reasonable possible. This is the Law as it stands at the moment and unless and until it changes, if President Obama does not follow the law he would be in violation of a Law passed with bipartisan support in both Houses of Congress and signed by President Bush.


Where are the facts from Fox News, Republicans and even some Democrats that are blaming President Obama for conditions that manifested itself from Laws passed by Congress, signed by the previous President and adhered to by Obama?


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