Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas are one and the same; they are indiscriminate killers of women and children. [Not the Israeli People, just Benjamin Netanyahu]

The only difference is Benjamin Netanyahu has been hiding behind the broad shoulders of the United States.


We installed over 200 Nuclear Warheads in Israel; we provide Israel with every modern types of Military Equipment we have available; we provide Israel with $3,000,000,000.00 in foreign aid annually and for those that doubt Israel possession of Nuclear Weapons, let us go back to 1973.


“In 1973, Dayan suggested that Israel prepare Nukes for action, but Prime Minister Golda Meir refused. The PM vetoed the Defense Minister suggestion of preparing Nuclear Weapons for possible action during the Yom Kippur War.”


Israel continues to expand Israeli Settlements in the West Bank even though almost every recent American President dating back to George W. H. Bush disagreed with what Israel has been doing. I stand firm in our support for Israel but Prime Minister Netanyahu does nothing to help us, he only inflames our precarious predicament.  


All of Palestine including Hamas is no match for Israel’s mighty Military Power. It is sad that the three Jewish Children were killed and the Palestine teenager, however, the escalation has risen to such level that more than 120 plus Palestinians have been killed from Israel Air Raids. Israel hasn’t produced any evidence that the three Jewish children were kidnapped and killed by Hamas even though they may very well have, but thus far there is no evidence that Israel has placed on the table. The only thing that Benjamin Netanyahu has done is to bomb day and night over 1,500,000 people in a tightly crowded area whose food supply, water, electricity, medication and other essentials, only functions in accordance with Netanyahu’s state of mind.


I am no defender of Hamas or any criminal organization that are involved in Terrorism, however, the world must consider that innocent children, women and men live in Palestine and this is no way for Netanyahu to behave. The Arab States that support us in the Middle East what are they to think when they see time and time again, we condone Israel’s wrong.


Why after 47 years Israel cannot work with the International Community and create a permanent solution by enacting a two-state region, there isn’t any excuse for it. Within two years from the inception of the Korean War June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953 there was an Armistice Agreement that created a cease fire which included a demilitarized zone. The same can be done between Israel and Palestine with a demilitarized zone manned by United Nation Forces.   


The will isn’t there and is not going to be there not so long as Benjamin Netanyahu remains in power, and even when his time comes to step down, depending on his successor we could still be in for a very long haul.


Don’t look at my name and label me a left wing sympathizer for I am not, but neither am I a crazy right wing nut job.


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