House Republicans passed a Partisan Unpaid 287 Billion Tax Credit, while denying all other spending!

The Republican Legislators problem is that they have not had any humility and many Americans have had too much. It is as if by letting the American people carry the burden of being humble and pious for the GOP, Republicans have gotten rid of any need to appropriate the virtues of caring for the American People themselves, thus, Republicans have felt free to visit aggression on anyone and everyone, except themselves and the very Rich.


House Republicans passed a Partisan Unpaid 287 Billion Dollar Tax Credit for Corporations that helps the Rich and would add to the National Debt, with no problem whatsoever.


The GOP have however blocked Unemployment Insurance; a 21 Billion Dollar Veterans Bill; slashed Food Stamps that feed Hungry Children; blocked Infrastructure spending; denied the request for 3.7 Billion to help resolve the Border Problem, claiming that none of these bills are paid for and would add to the National Debt.


Just how can any Middle-Class or Poor Independent, Democrat or Republican vote to keep these people in Office?  


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