The Great James Garner departed this world but his words live on about the Republican Greek god, Ronald Reagan!

“Ronald Reagan wasn’t qualified to be a Governor let alone President. I was Vice President of the Screen Actor’s Guild when he was its President. Ronnie never had an original thought we had to tell him what to say. That’s no way to run a Union, let alone a Country.” James Garner


Republicans and their mouth-piece Fox News preach every day about Impeaching President Obama, and the Do Nothing Congress led by the Professional Drunk John Boehner plan on suing Mr. Obama. Their claim is that Obama violated the Constitution by signing executive orders even though Obama signed the least executive order as compared to any previous President in the past 100 years. One terrorist tragedy in Benghazi that killed our Ambassador and three other Americans and now going on two years, the Republican Congress cannot stop searching for dirt.


Well, let us take a look at Fox News and the Republican Greek god, Ronald Reagan, because after all, these people worship this man as though he was really God. Here are facts, not phantasmagoric rationales or internecine narcissism.


Ronald Reagan Scandals:


Iran Contra: 14 Convictions; HUD: 16 Convictions, 8 Billion Dollars; Savings and Loan Bank: 32 Convictions with a cost to the Tax Payers of 1.5 Trillion. Our National Debt was 930 Billion when Reagan was sworn in as President and when he left on January 20, 1989, our National Debt was 2.7 Trillion.


And about those Iran Contra Convictions, George Herbert Walker Bush on January 20, 1993, hours before Bill Clinton was sworn in, Old Man Bush Pardoned all 16 Convicts. The Republican Out-Cry, well, we are still waiting.


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