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Obama Is on a Pro-Labor Roll; The President on July 31, 2014 signed the most important workers’ rights reform of the past 20 years.

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If you’ve been following President Obama’s burst of enthusiasm for executive orders—I know it’s August, but hey, you’re reading this—you may have heard that he’s been flexing his muscle on behalf of labor. Last month,Obama banned federal contractors from discriminating against gay workers. For that one, he won liberal kudos and conservative scolding for refusing to exempt employers that object on religious grounds. Obama got similar attention for his order in January raising the minimum wage for new federal contractors to $10.10 an hour.


So it’s a little odd that the latest executive order in this bunch has gone virtually ignored (following a few dutiful daily news stories) even though it packs the biggest punch. “This is one of the most important positive steps for civil rights in the last 20 years,” Paul Bland, executive director of Public Justice, a public-interest law group, says of the July 31 order. The employer-side law firm Littler Mendelson calls it “the most sweeping order to date” that the Obama administration has aimed at federal contractors. The trade group Associated Builders and Contractors is “strongly opposed” and says the order could create a federal contractor “blacklist.”


What’s this about? Bear with me for a minute, because there’s a reason this one isn’t lighting up TV screens or Twitter. It’s important, but it’s also kind of technical. The order, called Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces, does two things. It requires companies bidding for federal contracts worth more than $500,000 to make previous violations of labor law public, if they have any to report. That’s a shaming device that the administration hopes will push companies to settle back wage claims and nudge them toward better behavior in the future.


The second part of the order is what Bland is so excited about. This provision says that companies with federal contracts worth more than $1 million can no longer force their employees out of court, and into arbitration, to settle accusations of workplace discrimination. “Here’s why this is so important,” Bland said when I asked him to explain. “For the last 20 years, the Supreme Court has been encouraging employers to force their workers into a system of arbitration that has been badly rigged against the workers. And so this order will result in millions of employees having their rights restored to them.”[Slate]


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James Woods fantasized on Twitter about the deaths of President Obama and Hillary Clinton!

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This washed-up ageing old racist has been on Twitter trashing Obama for all that ails America. His fans who are the usual suspects, right-wing extremist Republicans fantasized with him.


Disagreeing with someone is far different than wishing them dead; James Woods need to take a good look in the mirror, because he seems more fitting for the Pine-Box.


It is unbelievable that Republicans, Fox News and their right-wing followers buy into the phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissism as though it is fact when it is really crap. People often wonder why Middle-Class and Poor Republicans vote against their interest and the only way to explain the mystery, is to think about it in this context;


When you are dead you don’t know you are dead, others do, but you don’t, so, if you apply that philosophy to stupidity, there is your answer!


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Wingnut Dr. Ben Carson on Fox News With Neil Cavuto suggests that a Terrorist might want to be pay One Million Dollars for Ebola-Tainted-Urine!

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Extreme Right-Wing Fox News and 99% of their Hosts and about 95% of their Guests never stop with the fearmongering finger pointing and especially, the manufacturing of the unbelievable, brazen nonsense that is unimaginable to any sane person. It is no wonder why Fox and the Republicans cater to the uninformed, brainwashed, ignorant and for the most part, the uneducated.


Here’s your kinder, gentler version of Donald Trump over at Faux “news.” Fox’s Neil Cavuto invited on Wingnut Dr. Ben Carson to join the crowd over there for a little more fearmongering over the Ebola virus. Like Trump, Carson did not want to see these American doctors allowed back into the United States for treatment, and he upped the stupid to eleven by suggesting that some terrorist might pay a lab worker a million dollars for some Ebola-tainted urine.



CARSON: So if there were a container of contaminated urine, and somehow it managed to find its way to someplace a lot of damage could be done.


CAVUTO: Now, that would be a stretch for the series of events to make that contagious, or would it?


CARSON: Well, again I say you always have to guard for the worst case scenario. So, you know, someone comes up to a lab worker. He knows he’s got the urine. “How would you like to have a million dollars?” A little transaction there. I mean, somebody’s going to say “That’s crazy. That can never happen.” Such things have been known to happen. We have to guard against worst case scenarios.


It could happen!!! Someone please explain to me how this man ever managed to become a surgeon? I hate to break it to him but there are probably a lot cheaper and more effective ways that terrorists could spread disease in the United States other than buying urine at a lab for $1M. Not that any of those matters. The only thing they care about is helping to do their best to terrorize the American public all on their own. [Story- Crooks and Liars]


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