What if Barack Obama was 100% White and Republican?

And in 5 ½ years

Took the Dow from 7,200 to 17,000

Created 10,000,000 Jobs

Ended a bad war started by a Democrat

Revived the Housing Market

Stabilized our wrecked Financial Institutions

Would he be the Poster-Child for the

Greatest President 


We can enshroud ourselves with duplicity and pretend that racism no longer exist; we can slam everyone as racist that mentions race; the entire Media can willfully fail to make mention of it; the Polls can make claim that Obama’s low ratings have to do with his handling of his job, but, in the final analysis, “race is front and center of the disrespect, disenchantment, and blame Obama for all that ails America.”


Policies that were implemented even before Obama was born; while he was a child; while he was in school; when he became an adult; wars that were started that he was against, and yet “blame President Obama,” is the Headline!


Fox News that spends their every night and day, seven days per week running down President Obama with their fictional stories believed by the uninformed fools they call their audience, it wouldn’t change the fact and the fact is, America has come a long way, but we still have myriads of miles to go on the race issue. Perhaps 33% of White Americans are still racist. I do not excuse Blacks that are still racist themselves; however, my focus is on President Obama.


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