Ronald Fraud Reagan and George H W Bush era, are Crooks, Liars and Thieves and that is when America lost its Virginity. Don’t blame Obama!

Crooks Liars Thieves


Ronald Fraud Reagan, Republicans Greek god that began the destruction of the Middle-Class and the Fracture of the Unions, were the catalyst that built America.


Reagan and Bush Sr. was head of the Iran Contra Scandal – 14 Convictions; HUD Scandal – 16 Convictions 8 Billion; S & L Scandal – 32 Convictions 1.5 Trillion Dollars. On January 20, 1993 hours before Bill Clinton was sworn in, President George Herbert Walker Bush, pardoned the Iran Contra Felons to avoid further trials that would have implicated both Reagan and Bush and they could have faced criminal indictments.


The photo attached to this Blog contains “actual facts” as attested to by Oliver North as described in the Times Magazine. Look at the Photo and you would see Bush Sr. sitting with Manuel Noriega in Panama. Bush and Reagan were buddies with Noriega in Noriega’s protection of the Columbian Cartel that provided a cut to the CIA to conduct Reagan’s illegal South American War. Bush invaded Panama in 1989 and captured Noriega, brought him back to America and had a dog and pony trial in Florida, where Noriega was convicted and served decades in Prison. This was again done to protect Reagan and Bush Sr.


The today’s Republicans are up in arms about the South American Refugee Children trying to come into America due to the violence in their South American Countries, but, they purposefully overlook that Reagan and Bush literally torpedoed South America after they had used and abused the South American countries and their Leaders. We act like we have clean hands and point the finger at others, but, we spent decades turning the world upside down.


Reagan and Bush were also great buddies with Saddam Hussein. They provided weaponry to Saddam during Saddam’s eight year war with Iran. Then when Saddam got out of control, old man Bush set a trap for the not so bright evil Saddam to invade Kuwait and that was the beginning of what turned out to be twenty-four years and counting, of our involvement with Iraq.


But, just look at the Republicans what they have been doing for the past six years; they cast blame on Obama for all that ails America. Between Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush the son and evil Cheney, the world you see upside down at present, they are the gift horses that are responsible for the chaos.


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