Ferguson, Missouri: Governor Jay Nixon; Captain Ron Johnson; Police Chief Thomas Johnson; A severe Cavity; Dentist and Empirin Codeine!

Governor Jay Nixon assigning Captain Ron Johnson to deal with the symptoms of a “cause” created by a White Racist Police Department; is the same as a Dentist giving you Empirin Codeine for severe pain from a cavity. When the Codeine wears off the pain returns and so it is with the People of Ferguson. Nine days later and the Pain from Michael Brown’s animalistic killing is still there, because the “cause” remains unexplained and it is self evident that the Authorities of Ferguson, is in the Middle of Scheming a cover-up of yet, another African American.  


According to the Autopsy Report released by Dr. Michael Baden, the renowned Pathologist, Michael Brown was shot six times, twice in the Head. One of the Head wounds was on the top of Mr. Brown’s head. The Autopsy also revealed that Michael Brown wasn’t shot at close range because there were no burnt marks on his body. This proves that Michael Brown had no Gun and didn’t fire one, but what conclusion can be drawn is that, Police Officer Darren Wilson was merciless when he fired six shots into Michael Brown.


The Police Chief stalled for one week in releasing Darren Wilson’s name and when he finally did release the name, he did so, fumbling and with unclear photos of a “strong-armed” robbery some 2/3 of a mile from where Michael Brown was killed.


Here is a timeline from [Daggerpen @Tumblr] that questions the Police version of the timeline of Michael Brown’s Death.


  1. Here’s a map I made with the route from the Liquor Store to the site of Michael Brown’s murder (map), with notes on locations, timing, etc.  It’s similar to what’s in this post, but has less details and no links.
  2. Through their attorney the Ferguson Market has said that they never called the cops, a customer did.  And they never said they thought this was Mike Brown, the policetold them that it was later in the week. (News story with video)
  3. Timestamps on their surveillance video show the robber didn’t leave till 11:54, which falsifies the police timeline (screenshot, timestamp of 11:53:50 in upper corner).  Mike Brown was murdered 2/3rds of a mile away (see map from 1). 
  4. He was dead by 12:03 (The first @TheePharoah tweet about his death was at 12:03) , so if the police claim they made contact at 12:01 is right, it took less than 2 minutes for Darren Wilson to encounter him, to challenge him, and murder him.  But lets say it’s right, even though that seems awfully, disgustingly, fast.
  5. So, in 7 minutes or less, (and it’s probably less!) Mike Brown would have had to travel on foot 2/3rds of a mile.  If he kept an even speed the whole time he was jogging about 6 miles an hour for 7 of the last 9 minutes of his life.  Possible?  Maybe.  But the police said Darren confronted him walking, not running in the street.  Technically possible,not at all plausible.


A more realistic timeline would say it took a minute to clear out of the parking lot and pick up full speed so call it 11:55 he left and got on a steady pace.  And what was already tweeted by 12:03 probably happened 12:02. The encounter described was probably at least 3 minutes (making it more like 11:59 the encounter started.) So actually the cops are trying to claim Mike Brown covered 2/3rds of a mile in the 4 minutes from 11:55 to 11:59.  .That’s a solid 10 miles an hour the whole way, both him AND Johnson, and not noticeably running when Darren stopped them.  So this is pretty much impossible.


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