As depicted in the Photo, America’s innocence into tragedy derived from right-wing insanity of their affinity with Guns; Police being armed Military Style waging War against Americans rather than protecting its people; Journalists being arrested; we have hit a new low!

Republicans, The NRA and Media Imposter such as Fox News, purposefully misuse the Constitution, hate, prejudice, bigotry and everything that is negative, to maintain their base that has turned America from its “innocence to the madness” we are witnessing today.


African Americans are killed more frequently in the present time without any repercussion to the Police that are supposed to protect them and even when White Non-Authorities such as Zimmerman provoked a confrontation and shot the 17 year old to death, the Corrupt Judicial System allows him to walk free.


Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown in Ferguson and the State went as far as brining out the National Guard and are running huge tabs for all the Police that are employed day and night to quell the unrest. When it fact, this problem could be solved in a moment; arrest the Officer because there isn’t any doubt that he willfully killed Michael Brown. What kind of Police we have that shoots an 18 year old 6 times? Even charging Darren Wilson he would still have the privilege of being defended and that is more than he granted to the Michael Wilson.


If the table were turned and it was a Black Officer that had shot a White teenager he would be locked up and there would be no protection for him as they are providing for Darren Wilson. Americans, not all, have become envious of people that are non-white and do well. You live your whole life here; you worked 18 hours per day and become very wealthy, but if a White Police sees you driving a $100,000.00 plus car, he pulls you over and the first thing out of his mouth, “you are one of those that come to my country and live of Government Assistance.” When he sees on your License where you live and if it reads Beverly Hills or Palos Verdes, he manufactures some story about the vehicle seem to be swerving and ask if you were drinking. Never put a drop of Alcohol in your mouth, and then he says, well, take it easy. Reason; “he smells Law Suit and the possible loss of his job.”


When racial White people claims you playing the race card when in fact they are the racists, it makes you wonder, with another White Republican President; a Republican Majority in the US Supreme Court and Congress which has 273 Republicans and only “one” happens to be Black and he didn’t win an election he was appointed Senator when Jim DeMint resign to go and create more havoc. Where are we going? I wonder?


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