GOP and Fox News Racist Hypocrisy; Here is Ronald Reagan Golfing One Day After241 Marines Were Killed In Lebanon

Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon with Orders not to keep their Rifles loaded. A suicide Bomber in a pick-up Truck Loaded with Explosives rammed the Marine’s Gate and killed 241 Marines in One Day. No out-cry!


President Obama criticized by the Republicans, Fox News and other Media Organizations for playing Golf after paying tribute to James Foley. News Reporter out of his own free-will went on a noble mission to report the horrors of the Syrian Civil War. He was captured by the despicable ISIS group and beheaded.


Terrorists, irrespective what they claim their cause to be are all despicable, however, the unbelievable horrors in the Middle-East, George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration, were the catalyst that perpetuated the madness that we are witnessing at the present time, this is the ongoing fall out of the Ill Advised Invasion of Iraq.


Why Republicans, Fox News and Republican Voters keep on blaming President Obama for the anarchy we are witnessing in the Middle-East, is self evident and that is; “All that ails America even for Polices dating back 50 plus years, is the fault of President Black!


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