Is Fox News Megyn Kelly’s obsession with Obama hate or something else, I wonder!

Can’t be sure but I think this woman has an obsession with this man and it isn’t hate! Megyn Kelly doesn’t sleep because I tracked her Facebook Page and almost 24/7, she is after Obama. Don’t believe me, look for yourself.


Perhaps, just perhaps, President Obama should afford her an interview and see if that cools her down. She claims that he is a Moslem despite she herself works for a Moslem. Saudi Prince bin Talal who is co-owner of Fox News with Australian Rupert Murdoch.


I also wonder if those Folks at Fox News really believe in the profound nonsense they pass on to their uninformed, mostly uneducated, ignorant, brainwashed audience.


Can you claim to have some education and are smart and at the same time is a “follower of Fox News.” Perhaps the answer lies in this analogy.


When you are dead you don’t know you are dead, others do but you don’t. Applying the same philosophy to “stupidity,” yes, that is how you follow Fox Misnomer News.


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