Obama Enlists 9 Allies to Help in the Battle Against ISIS


It seems that it is only President Obama that actually cares about the devastation for our Soldiers if he would re-invade Iraq and put our Soldiers on the ground. There are so many different factions fighting inside of Iraq that it is difficult for an Iraqi to most of the time know the difference between friend and foe, much less our Soldiers.


For all of the criticism Mr. Obama took, he did manage to put together a Nine [9] member Alliance to fight the ISIS Terrorism. The other part of this puzzle is that Mr. Obama is coordinating “Middle-Eastern Ground Troops” as we continue to use Air Strikes, thus keeping our Soldiers from being mixed up on the ground in this maddening Religious and bifurcated Civil War.


Bush and Cheney should of thought of that prior to sending tens of thousands of our Soldiers in the middle of hell where thousands died and tens of thousands got severely injured.


Republicans are quick to send other people children, wives, husbands, sons and daughters and parents into the fires of hell, without a single thought about the cost of “one lost life.” I wish the American people would somehow grow up to the reality of life when they go to the Voting Booth. [S ALI]


“NEWPORT, Wales — President Obama escalated the American response to the marauding Islamic State in Iraq and Syria on Friday, recruiting at least nine allies to help crush the organization and offering the outlines of a coordinated military strategy that echoes the war on terror developed by his predecessor, George W. Bush, more than a decade ago.


In his most expansive comments to date about how the United States and its friends could defeat ISIS, a once-obscure group of Sunni militants that has now upended the Middle East and overshadowed Al Qaeda, Mr. Obama said the effort would rely on American airstrikes against its leaders and positions, strengthen the moderate Syrian rebel groups to reclaim ground lost to ISIS, and enlist friendly governments in the region to join the fight.


While the president’s aides maintained that he has not yet decided to authorize airstrikes in Syria — which he has already done on a limited basis in Iraq — Mr. Obama likened his developing strategy on ISIS to the American effort against Al Qaeda in Pakistan’s tribal regions, which has relied heavily on airstrikes.”[NYT]


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