After rescuing us from Bush and Cheney’s chaos, President Obama being constantly disrespected and kicked around, I wonder, how does he feel?

If President Obama had just a little help from the Republican Do Nothing Congress Clowns, think how much more progress we as a country could have made. And yet, majority of Americans Middle Class and Poor in Poll after Poll, continues to run over Obama same as 99% of Congressional Republicans and some Democrats in Congress.


When he took Office he inherited two out of control wars; a Deficit of 1.2 trillion dollars; 10.2% Unemployment; 10 million plus people had lost their jobs; the Housing Market Crashed; the Stock Market at its lowest levels, especially the S & P that house most of the 401k plans; and our entire financial system at a total collapse from Bush, Cheney and the out of Control Republican Congress.


And today, Over 10, million jobs created; unemployment 5.9%; the stock Market breaking record highs; Housing Market rebounded; the Deficit reduced by 70%; and yes, Obama had to act on his own because the Republican Congress, outside of obstruct haven’t done anything to help the Middle Class, Poor, Students, infrastructure or anything Domestically, including our Veterans.


And what does majority of Americans 54% say; they are dissatisfied with the Job Obama is doing as President. As for the Media, during the times of Obama trying to repair Bush’s damage with economic struggles, it is breaking news, but when there is good news, it is a side-bar.


Today October 3, 2014 is a good example. 248,000 jobs created in September according to the Labor Department, and as for the Media, the story died quick; however, when the August figures showed 188,000 which were lower than expected, it was breaking news for almost a week.  


So I ask, how does President Obama, just a man, a normal human being feel when he knows that he has done his level best and then some, and he is being constantly disrespected and kicked around.


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