Congressional Democrats Running From President Obama’s Economic Success Should Remember Al Gore Doing The Same To Bill Clinton, That Gave Us George W Bush. “It’s The Economy Stupid!”

Spineless Congressional Democrats Distancing Themselves From President Obama That Forbes Magazine And Rolling Stone Calls – Best Economic President And Historic Success; Should Remember Al Gore When He Distanced Himself From Bill Clinton That Gave Us George W Bush.


Look at the Facts on January 20, 2009 and the Facts Today:


[January 2009 Dow 7,949 Today 17,000 Plus; S & P 805 Today 1,992; -5.3% GDP Today +4.2%; 7.8% Unemployment Today 5.9%; 9.8% Deficit % of GDP Today 2.9%; 37.7% Consumer Confidence Today 92.4%; Housing Market Crashed Today Housing Market Rebounded.]


In 2010 Republicans and the Tea Party ran on how bad the economy was despite it was George W Bush and the Republican Party that literally crashed and burned America and, they also ran on Obamacare that they called a “Train-Wreck.” Do you hear any complaints by the Republicans or the Tea Party about the Economy or Obamacare, of course not, because the American people aren’t fools, they know the difference.


Bush and Cheney badly managed Afghanistan War for which they bifurcated to commit the Illegal Invasion of Iraq that turned everything into a living Hell; they are the Creators of ISIS and all of the other Lunatic Terrorists. Sooner rather than later the consequences of Bush and Cheney’s Illegal War with Iraq was going to come back to haunt us and what you see today, “is the result of the vacuum Bush and Cheney created when they knocked over Saddam Hussein and fired the entire Iraqi Army.” The ISIS you see today is factually, Saddam Hussein’s Most Elite Force, The Republican Guards. They were the best trained; best paid; most loyal to the Sunni Dictator and the only thing they knew was to protect Iraq from outside forces which included Terrorist Organization.


Obama not being capricious with the lives of our Troops has the better sense and judgment to know if you put American Troops in the middle of Sectarian, Civil and Religious Wars that are ongoing between the Sunnis and the Shiites, thousands more Americans would die on top of the thousands that have already died from Bush and Cheney’s internecine Polices.


Dr. Martin Luther King was right when he said; “If you do not stand for something you would fall for anything.” Little did I know his words are what you see in the Democratic Party today with the outlandish disrespect by Democrats for President Obama!


Republicans using the Fear Tactic just like Bush and Cheney did in 2004, and Democrats rather stand like men and women and confront these criminals, Congressional Democrats are hiding like Rats because the lying Republican Tom and Pussy Cats have scared the hell out of Democrats that are most interested in keeping their jobs, rather than standing up for what is right.


If we lose the Senate in November much blame would be on the uninformed, ignorant, brainwashed Voters, but, Congressional Democrats would have to equally share the consequences.


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