Just as one Former Navy Seal is about to reveal himself as Osama bin Laden’s Killer in an interview on Fox News, another, Matt Bissonnette is being investigated for spilling Classified Secrets.[UPI October 31, 2014.]

Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette not only wrote a best-sellling book about the raid that killed bin Laden, but he also speaks at corporate events about his role on the elite Navy SEAL Team 6 that tracked down the master terrorist. In one event at an Atlanta gold club, everyone was first asked to turn in their cell phones while Bissonnette spoke so nothing could be recorded.


Bissonnette says he has been hounded since he first told his story in 2011 on “60 Minutes.” His attorney claims he thought a settlement had been reached over the issue with the Pentagon and Justice Department when Bissonnette forfeited some of his millions of dollars in royalties from the book.


Now Bissonnette is about to follow up his first book, “No Easy Day,” with another next month, “No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy SEAL,” published under his pen name, Mark Owen. His attorney said the manuscript was submitted to the Pentagon for review.


Bissonnette’s attorney said he decided to write his first book after the CIA and Pentagon cooperated with the creators of the film “Zero Dark Thirty.” Bissonnette’s view, his attorney told the New York Times, was: “Wait a minute. This is our story, not their story.”


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