Bush, Cheney And The GOP Congress Wrecked America; Obama Literally Saved America And Yet, Spineless Democrats, Republicans And The Corrupt Media, That Is Owned By Big Business, Blames Obama For All That Ails The Country!

Obama is the only President in US History whose approval rating dropped a single digit over a ten-month stretch and it was described as having “plummeted.” President Obama’s all-time low of 39% is higher than the lowest of any President since John F Kennedy. That’s right. At Republican god Ronald Reagan’s lowest; he was at just 35%. George W. Bush once hit 19%.


Congress has an approval rating of 9%, yet somehow, it’s Obama’s approval ratings that more than quadrupled Congress, that makes headlines and makes Democratic Congressional Candidates turn tail and run.


“Do you still think the Media is in Obama’s Pocket?”


Just imagine, 4 Billion Dollars was spent on the November Mid-Term to elect Politicians with a 9% Approval Rating, the same Politicians that haven’t cared about 95% of the American People and it is the Majority of the 95%, that voted Republican that  gave them control of Both Houses of Congress.

I do not look at Fox News because I have no interest in trash, hatred and lies. However, CNN has become Tabloid News without a doubt. On their summary during Tuesday night’s election return, David Gergen, Gloria Borger, Wolf Blitzer and others kept on exclaiming that Obama’s approval ratings were responsible for Republicans taking the Senate and gaining seats in the House. These are not uneducated people and they live “Politics.” They are fully aware that their willful misleading trashing of President Obama about his approval ratings when no other President since John F Kennedy maintained Obama’s ratings wasn’t going to help President Obama or his Party.


All 1,500 Television Stations; 9,000 Radio Stations; 1,100 Magazines, 1,500 News Papers And 2,400 Publishers are owned by six [6] Corporations. We know factually, Big Business and the Republicans are indivisible, however, Middle-Class and Poor Republicans, Democrats and Independents, had better wake up to the reality of:


“Polls are not intended to measure reality; it is intended to shape it.”


The problem is in our today’s America we have more ignorant, uneducated, uninformed and brainwashed people that get very upset when “facts are presented to them.” The reason being is that if those facts are contrary to what the Media told them, they would die being fools rather than even have an open mind to seek out the truth.


America is on a very slippery slope solely due to the 2% and Big Business that have bought and paid for the Republican Party. And, since the Media is Owned by Big Business, we no longer have Journalists, what we do have are Opinion Makers for which said Opinions are directed by their Corporate Bosses.


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 BARACK OBAMA - 11-06-14


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