Showdown – Presidential Executive Powers V. Republican Big On Mouth And Short On Brain; Irrationality On Immigration And The keystone Pipeline

18 Months and counting John Boehner has been sitting on a bipartisan Immigration Bill that passed the Senate with 68 votes. However, Boehner brought up the Keystone Bill that passed the House and seems likely it will pass the Senate.


I am certain President Obama will Veto it which is the right thing to do. Some spineless Democrats have in the House and will in the Senate vote with Republicans in the Senate today, November 18, 2014.


John Boehner has and continues to block the Immigration Bill coming to the floor for an up or down vote because he doesn’t have Republican Support. However, the Bill can pass because with most Democrats voting for the Bill and the few sane Republican Representative’s votes, the Bill can reach the President’s Desk and be signed into the Law.


But despite the Obstruction by Republicans they are against President Obama doing his job by using his legal Executive Powers. The Republicans are fantasizing on Impeachment claiming President Obama would be violating the Constitution. Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and George W Bush used their Executive Powers to address Immigration Policies. That is an inherent right given to all Presidents in the Constitution and by Congress. We shouldn’t be surprised because irrespective of what Obama does, to the hate mongering, deceitful, obstructionist Republicans, they would without any shame whatsoever, claim that the President is breaking the Law.


The CEO of Trans Canada conceded that Keystone will only create about 50 Permanent Jobs but yet Republicans with no concern for Carbon Emissions, somehow convinced their Voters that keystone is the greatest thing since Sliced-Bread.


The Tar/Sand Oil that Canada and the Republicans want to pipe from Canada, through the United States and into New Orleans to be shipped to foreign countries, there aren’t any financial benefits to the United States and the only contribution it will make, is to add more Carbon Emissions at a time when Climate Change is so critical.


Do you ever wonder how uninformed, out of touch or uneducated Republican Voters are? The GOP are hell bent on destroying America in order to give more to the 2% and people still vote them in Control of both Houses of Congress. Amazing isn’t it!


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