This Thanksgiving Say Thanks To GOP Haters Congress For Wasting Money On Benghazi And Other Senseless Hearings And For Doing Nothing But Obstructing, AMEN!

This year, in a break from tradition, I am giving thanks for the House Intelligence Committee’s final report on Benghazi.


Also family and friends, but I give thanks for them every year. This is our first opportunity to be grateful for the House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi report. So let’s jump at it.


Really, you don’t get good news like this all the time. The committee spent two years conducting a bipartisan investigation into the terrible night in 2012 when four Americans, including the Libyan ambassador, were killed in a violent attack on an American compound. It found that while mistakes were made, the Americans on the ground in Libya made reasonable decisions, as did the people trying to support them. The C.I.A. was brave and effective. Nobody in the White House thwarted a possible rescue or deliberately tried to mislead the public about what happened.


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