John Boehner Is Setting A Dangerous Precedence For Future Presidents And Should Be Arrested Subsequent to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address To Congress.

Republicans and their uninformed, ignorant, brainwashed Obama Haters, blindly supports John Boehner attempt to embarrass President Obama by inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress without the authorization or consultation of the White House, and in that regard they somehow feel they have accomplished some sort of victory for which they fail to see the consequences.


John Boehner literally Violated The Logan Act that was Signed into Law by Founding Father John Adams in 1799. The United States Supreme Court has consistently upheld the Logan Act to this day. Failure to prosecute John Boehner’s criminal act would result in far greater consequences for all future Presidents, than Boehner’s adolescence against the sitting President. The Logan Act was put in place for the specific purpose of preventing the illegal action taken by John Boehner.


Benjamin Netanyahu’s egregiousness in conspiring with John Boehner and the Republicans isn’t only an affront to the United States, it is an insult to the decent people of Israel for their Prime Minister to participate in such machination.


Both John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu have chosen this course of action for purely political and selfish reasons, without any consideration for the damage it can bring to their respective countries.



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