Barbara Bush After Claiming “We Had Enough Bush In The White House,” You Now Wants Jeb Bush To Be President. Mrs. Bush, Haven’t You Any Shame Or Conscience? America And The American People Have Suffered And Is Still Suffering From The Bush Regimes!

Neil Bush Plundered the Silverado Savings And Loan Association costing the Taxpayers 2.1 Billion Dollars, subsequent to Ronald Reagan’s Deregulation for which the total cost was 1.5 Trillion Dollars to the Taxpayers.


Jeb Bush borrowed Millions of Dollars from Florida Savings and Loan Association that was never repaid and in addition, Jeb was a big benefactor from the Scammed Education Reform. Recently he was tied together with Governor Rick Scott and the Koch Brothers Florida Toxic Pipeline Scandal.


George W Bush took the country into two unpaid wars with a total cost today of 6.1 Trillion Dollars. His illegal invasion of Iraq cost in excess of 4,500 American lives; in excess of over 30,000 severely wounded and 50,000 plus with serious mental disorder. George plundered the Budget Surplus of 2.5 Trillion Dollars and gave two unpaid Tax Cuts to the Rich costing 1.2 Trillion Dollars. George took Office with a National Debt of 5.4 Trillion Dollars and a Budget Surplus. At the end of his disastrous 8 years he left an Annual Deficit of 1.4 Trillion Dollars; 10.4 Trillion National Debts and some 7.1 Trillion in War and Tax Cut Bills. He bankrupted the country; violated International Law by carrying out Torture and left America and the world, Upside-Down.


Despite the progress President Obama has made it is going to be decades before we recover from George’s decimation of America and the World. Between your son George and Dick Cheney they stole and or squandered trillions of dollars; wrecked the Housing Market and collapsed Employment to the tune of 10.2%. And now you want the American people to trust another one of your Sons?


I think it is fair to say that you and your three sons are unequivocally bankrupt of morals and shame.


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