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Carly Fiorina A Shameless Liar For Blaming 2007 Job Losses On President Obama rater than George W Bush! Just how gullible are the GOP Voters that are part of the 99%? [Politifact]

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“With another Republican debate comes another Carly Fiorina fact-checking field day. The Republican presidential candidate appears to have no shame in sternly proclaiming verifiably false statements on national television, and last night it was her pants-on-fire claim that “92 percent of the jobs lost during Barack Obama’s first term belonged to women.” This statement has been widely debunked, and is actually nothing more than a rehashed talking point from Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.


Serving as the Republicans’ attack dog against Hillary Clinton, Fiorina launched into a tirade against the former secretary of state. “It is the height of hypocrisy for Mrs. Clinton to talk about being the first woman president when every single policy she espouses and every single policy of President Obama has been demonstratively bad for women.” First, Fiorina seems to forget that President Obama is not in fact running for president. She then proceeds to give the statistic about job loss.

PolitiFact reports that this statement is nothing more than an ancient myth that dates back to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. At the time, they rated the claim “Mostly False,” because although it had some numerical validity, the figures were entirely biased. “A big problem with the claim in 2012 was that it cherry-picked the starting date for assessing Obama’s jobs track record. The recession began in December 2007, and he didn’t take office until January 2009, when it was nearly over.” In other words, you can’t blame Obama for inheriting the financial problems that the Bush administration created.

What’s more important is to look at what happened to the economy after Obama was elected. As PolitiFact reports, between 2009 and 2013, the economy saw an increase of over 400,000 working women, while total employment rose by 1.3 million. “So more women actually were working at the end of Obama’s first term compared with the day he first took office.” Of course, the Republicans will continue to ignore such facts and blame Obama for all the world’s evils.

Although she’s not the only Republican candidate who does so, Fiorina is now notorious for disregarding the facts. Her incendiary comments about Planned Parenthood in a previous debate were thoroughly disproven. And while she boasts of her business expertise, she has been named on several “worst CEO” lists. In addition to spouting falsehoods, Fiorina made a number of outrageous claims last night, suggesting that the federal minimum wage is unconstitutional.

Such shameless deception truly damages the electoral process. Even if her statements are debunked by every fact-checker on the internet, they still promote misinformation. In this case, not only did Fiorina recycle a discredited talking point from the previous election, she attempted to blame Hillary for the invented statistic about Obama’s presidency. Of course, that didn’t stop Fox News from repeating the erroneous claim the day after it was made.

The Republicans continue to live in an isolated fantasy world where it’s “speak first, check facts later,” but the web of lies that they are spinning can’t hold up for much longer.” [Politifact]

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Hillary Rosen To Bernie Sanders; You Shouldn’t Throw Stones On LGBT Rights [Washington Post]; Hillary Clinton’s Explanation Is What Actually Transpired And Your Version Senator Sanders, Just Isn’t True! Slate Magazine Also confirmed The Same Facts

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Friday October 23, 2015 on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) read my tweet aloud. Surreal but true. It started when on Friday, when Hillary Clinton was on Maddow’s show and said that President Bill Clinton was acting defensively when he signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law in 1996 in order to prevent a worse piece of legislation codifying a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.


Sanders attacked Hillary on this point at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Iowa, saying that it wasn’t true — that DOMA was discriminatory plain and simple. So I tweeted.


Despite the fact that it is impossible to put the entire complicated history of the LGBT social change movement in 140 characters, Bernie Sanders seems to think that my tweet somehow validated his moral superiority to Hillary Clinton on LGBT rights.


Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, it was Bill Clinton and not Hillary Clinton that signed DOMA. Bernie Sanders was in the House of Representatives and voted against the bill, but unlike his own revisionist history, he wasn’t for same-sex marriage at the time either. He should have read the rest of my tweets on the subject.


In the twenty years since DOMA, Hillary Clinton has not only evolved on the issue, she has become a global leader in the fight for LGBT equality. As senator from New York, she pushed to repeal the ban on gays in the military and secure employment protections for LGBT Americans. As secretary of state she extended her view of human and women’s rights with a groundbreaking speech at the United Nations in 2011 declaring that “gay rights are human rights” and made the protection of gays, lesbians and transgender people a priority in her dealings with repressive regimes around the world. Perhaps most importantly, she engaged with the community – closely – for the last 25 years. Listening, learning, sometimes disagreeing but always striving and evolving and always caring.


Bernie Sanders has done none of the above. Despite being from Vermont, a state with a progressive record on LGBT rights, Sanders was a follower. He supported civil unions as a solution for as long as many leading Democrats.


In short, Bernie Sanders may like the idea that I can prod my friends the Clintons to do better and more, but he can’t compete with how often they have listened and responded. He would do better to look for another issue with which to “ensnare” Hillary, because LGBT rights just isn’t his thing.


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Republicans Are In “Denial” About Hillary Clinton!

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If there’s one thing you’d think the events of the last few weeks might accomplish, it’s to get Republicans to reconsider whether beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 will be the cakewalk they apparently have been expecting. Clinton has posted strong fundraising numbers. 


Joe Biden has pulled out. A Bernie Sanders upset is looking increasingly unlikely.  Clinton held her own, and then some, for half a day [11 hours] in last week’s Benghazi hearing. The credibility of the GOP investigations has been damaged.  Republican probe ringleaders may be reconsidering their focus on her emails.



But one of the most important advantages Clinton may have, according to Mark Halperin, is the quality of Republican thinking about the 2016 election:


Some Republicans so detest Hillary Clinton they are badly underestimating how likely she is, at this point in the campaign, to be America’s 45th president. Their denial is just as strong now as it was a month ago, before Clinton began a run of political victories that have enhanced her prospects….many elite and grassroots Republicans believe Clinton’s personality, which they can’t stand, will keep her out of the Oval Office no matter what.


Republicans are erroneously convinced they can beat Clinton solely with talk of Benghazi, e-mails, and other controversies that have nothing to do with the economy and the real lives of real people.


 Nowhere does the Fox News-Rush Limbaugh echo chamber more hurt Republican chances of beating Clinton than in the politics of scandal and controversy. To paraphrase the famous line attributed to Pauline Kael: everyone who conservatives know think the Clintons should be in prison. The problem is that swing voters don’t share that view in sufficient numbers to actually warrant banking a victory on placing those arguments front and center.



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Open Link To Read The Entire Washington Post Article:


Benjamin Netanyahu Defended Adolf Hitler And Blamed Palestinians For The Holocaust

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Benjamin Netanyahu has gone out of his way to be the personification of everything that could possibly be wrong about Israel. His relentless pursuit of human rights violations against the Palestinians have created nothing short of an apartheid state. His hatred for Muslims in general has him seeing nuclear attacks from non-nuclear states in his sleep.


Some would say that Netanyahu is right to be wary of the mostly-Muslim nations surrounding his country. Islamic extremists have called for the complete destruction of Israel on more than one occasion. Over the years, Israel has dealt with heinous acts of terrorism.


That doesn’t excuse Netanyahu’s treatment of peaceful Palestinians, nor does it excuse his own extremism. In his latest attempt to demonize an entire religion, He actually came to what many are calling the defense of Adolf Hitler. In a speech to the World Zionist Congress, Netanyahu placed the blame for the Holocaust squarely on the shoulders of Palestine:



“Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here (to Palestine).’ According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the mufti replied: “Burn them.”


The claim Netanyahu makes has been rejected by most scholars. There is no evidence that the Grand Mufti, appointed at the time by the Prime Minister of England, said any such thing. The fact that the Prime Minister of Israel could possibly have any kind of feelings of remorse for the raw deal Hitler supposedly got in history is absolutely disgusting.


Maybe next he can thank Hitler for killing six million people. Without the Holocaust, there probably would be no Israel.


Netanyahu’s remarks are beyond cruel to his own people; beyond disrespectful to the millions of descendants of Holocaust survivors and beyond reprehensible to the memories of millions killed by a monster. How desperate he must be to win the disfavor of Palestine.


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CIA: Trey Gowdy Altered Documents To Frame Hillary Clinton In The Benghazi Email GOP Investigation

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In a bombshell revelation, the Central Intelligence Agency reached out to Democrats serving on the Select Committee on Benghazi on Saturday to confirm that Chairman Trey Gowdy had altered documents provided to the committee by Hillary Clinton.

Monday, October 5, 2015, all five Democratic Members of the Select Committee on Benghazi sent a letter informing House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (F-SC) that they planned to begin releasing witness interview transcripts, starting with the interview of former State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, in order to correct the public record after numerous inaccurate Republican leaks.

“Despite claims that the Committee would be run with integrity, Republicans have engaged in a series of selective leaks of inaccurate and incomplete information in an effort to attack Secretary Clinton with unsubstantiated or previously debunked allegations,” the Democrats wrote.

On October 7, 2015, Gowdy sent a response to ranking minority member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), stating that he was “disheartened at the nature and tone of Monday’s letter from your Democrat colleagues and you.”

In the letter, Gowdy referred extensively to Sidney Blumenthal, a long-time confidante and adviser to the Clintons, who served as assistant and senior adviser to Bill Clinton from August 1997 until January 2001.

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Dying Alone In The City Of Lights – 50,000 Die Lonely And All Alone

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[NYT] They found him in the living room, crumpled up on the mottled carpet. The police did. Sniffing a fetid odor, a neighbor had called 911. The apartment was in north-central Queens, in an unassertive building on 79th Street in Jackson Heights.


The apartment belonged to a George Bell. He lived alone. Thus the presumption was that the corpse also belonged to George Bell. It was a plausible supposition, but it remained just that, for the puffy body on the floor was decomposed and unrecognizable. Clearly the man had not died on July 12, the Saturday last year when he was discovered, nor the day before nor the day before that. He had lain there for a while, nothing to announce his departure to the world, while the hyperkinetic city around him hurried on with its business.


Neighbors had last seen him six days earlier, a Sunday. On Thursday, there was a break in his routine. The car he always kept out front and moved from one side of the street to the other to obey parking rules sat on the wrong side. A ticket was wedged beneath the wiper. The woman next door called Mr. Bell. His phone rang and rang.


Then the smell of death and the police and the sobering reason that George Bell did not move his car.


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Democratic Debate Will Reveal Subtle Divides, if Not Wide Gaps

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After watching two viscerally divisive debates among the Republican presidential contenders, Americans are about to witness a confrontation by the Democrats that will most likely center on differences of degree, not direction, and on how hard they will push a liberal agenda, not where they hope to lead the nation.


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The Insanity Of Guns On Campus! Friday October 9, 2015, One Dead One Wounded At Texas Southern University; One Dead Three Wounded Northern Arizona State University. Politicians Must Be Held Accountable For Promoting Gun On School Campuses!

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A gunman killed one person and wounded another on the campus of Texas Southern University in Houston on Friday, the second shooting at the university this week.


The Houston Police Department said a possible suspect in Friday’s shooting was in custody. The university was on lockdown for a few hours, and classes were canceled for the day.


The shooting occurred about 11:30 a.m., at a campus housing complex, the University Courtyard apartments, the police said. Officials have not released any information about the victims or the suspect.


It was the second university shooting of the day in the United States; coming hours after a gunman killed one person and wounded three others at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. An 18-year-old student was arrested in that attack.


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President Obama And Hillary Clinton 1 Attack Benghazi 4 Dead: George W Bush 13 Attacks 60 Dead: Ronald Reagan 7 Attacks 94 Dead!

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If President Obama was in the White House and having had at least 12 months of Intelligence Reports showing Al Qaeda as a detrimental threat to the United States and then on August 6, 2001 he received a Presidential Daily Briefing PDF that stated Al Qaeda determined to strike within the Continental United States and then 9/11 occurred on Obama’s watch, Republicans would have not only impeached Obama, but they would have sought criminal prosecution.


And if Obama and Biden along with Hillary Clinton had manipulated the 9/11 tragedy and invaded Iraq that killed 4,500 American Soldiers, Republicans would not have only removed them from Office, but they would have been tried for Treason.


When you consider all the criminal wrongdoings by George W Bush and Dick Cheney in the Bush Administration and to this date no one ever had to answer for the Crimes against America and Crimes against foreign countries and their citizens, it is numbing to think that “all of this Criminal Negligence and Criminality was simply water under the bridge.”


But to this date and despite Kevin McCarthy Public Statement of Taxpayers Money in the Republican Committee Benghazi Scam Witch Hunt, Republicans are still defending their Criminality; the Media prods along and the Democrats, except for Hillary Clinton and a few others, their silence is deafening.


Today October 7, 2015 The House Of Congress Voted 240 – 183 to continue the Benghazi Scam Investigation. It seems self evident that a large number of the American Public are truly uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed.


America’s New Motto! Lies Prosper – Truth Dies!


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Petition Calling For An Investigation Of Benghazi Committee Leaves Republicans Reeling

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A new petition calling for an investigation into the House Republican Benghazi Select Committee has put Republicans back on their heels as the American people are demanding answers.



The Petition from The Agenda Project states:



The actions of Leader McCarthy should disgust every decent American. This is not a “gaffe,” it is a gross assault on the most basic structure and purpose of government. It has to stop. No citizen – Republican or Democrat, or Independent – wants a government official to use his or her constitutionally granted power (and taxpayer dollars) to attack political opponents.




Further, the Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi released a letter to the Chair, Trey Gowdy, which calls the committee “an unethical abuse of millions of taxpayer dollars and a crass assault on the memories of the four Americans who were killed in Benghazi.”

Americans deserve to know exactly what happened in the lead up to the Select Committee on Benghazi and who played a part in this contemptible misuse of government.



“Since launching our petition this morning, we quickly had several hundred people sign on to the petition in the first few hours and, with the rate of new signatures, expect that to grow exponentially throughout the day. We’ve already heard positively from several members of the House of Representatives who agree with our position and support launching an ethics investigation into this matter.” said Erik Altieri, Director of Communications for the Agenda Project, “No matter your political beliefs or party affiliation, this exploitation of government power stands out as an egregious abuse of taxpayer trust and dollars. It’s funny that the party who continually rails against ‘big government’ is more than happy to use the infrastructure of that government to pursue personal, political vendettas. The American people deserve to know where millions of their tax dollars have gone and who is responsible for these political witch-hunts.”



What House Republicans are doing is a misuse of the legislative branch of our government. The government belongs to the people, and the investigative powers Constitutionally granted to the legislative branch should not be abused for partisan political purposes.



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Rep. McCarthy admitted again today that the Benghazi Select Committee is based on a lie. You can add your voice to the growing chorus of those who are demanding that House Republicans be held accountable by signing the petition here.