Fact Checkers Bust Donald Trump For Two Racist Lies In Less Than A Week! Trump Only Tells The Truth 7% Of The Time


Rarely has a politician consistently fared that well under a fact check, but things are particularly dire for GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who talks first and thinks later — if ever.



This week alone, PolitiFact has already given The Donald two Pants on Fire ratings, both stemming from his unfounded, conspiracy-oriented, racist beliefs.



The first was for a tweet in which the Republican falsely claimed that blacks are responsible for 81% of white homicides. Not so. Who is to blame for white homicides? Well, this is awkward, but it’s white people.



Of course the perfidy goes deeper than just some inaccurate statistics. Trump tweeted those inaccurate statistics one day after a black activist was shoved, tackled, and punched at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama.


The Washington Post had a reporter in the crowd who reported that “one of the men put his hands on Southall’s neck and heard a female onlooker repeatedly shout: ‘Don’t choke him!’”



Trump’s reaction to this? Blame the victim and say it’s what he gets for exercising his free speech rights. From the Washington Post:



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