Draft Dodger Charlatan Donald Trump And His GOP 2016 Colleagues Want To Carpet Bomb Syria; As A Little Boy Tries to Protect His Sister From Gun Fire!

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A Syrian Boy [Child] is protecting his little Sister from Gun Fire in Syria and the GOP Reprobates seeking the 2016 Presidency wants to CARPET BOMB Syria. O! How Republicans have fallen from Grace and taken America with them!


The Two Morons George W Bush and Dick Cheney Had 9 Months of Pre-Warnings of Al Qaeda’s Threat to Strike within the Continental United States. The Bush Administration Didn’t Lift A Finger And Terror Struck On 9/11.

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Compounding matters George W Bush Illegally Invaded Iraq Killing 4,500 American Soldiers and also killed in excess of 150,000 Iraqis giving Birth to ISIS and the chaos that continues to this day.

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The GOP 2016 field of Republican Repugnant Reprobates during the December 15, 2015 CNN Debate, blamed President Obama and Hillary Clinton for the incompetence of George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Warmongering Republican Congress that created this fiasco.


The Double-Digit Republican Voters that are supporting the GOP had better wake up sooner rather than later; and the Democrats had better darn well go out and Vote, because if another Republican ends up in the White House, it would be a matter of a few years and America will become a BANANA REPUBLIC!


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