Hillary Clinton “The Political Force”

12717569_1696892360552254_894683496373836121_nHillary Clinton has 1,077 Delegates and despite Bernie Sanders insistence, the path to the Nomination for Bernie is closed.

Warren Buffet has publicly stated that America’s Economy is far better than the Republican Candidates are promulgating.

Mr. Buffet’s statement;  “Children born today is the luckiest of the Bunch.”

President Obama has taken America from George W Bush and Dick Cheney’s egregious machinations,  and breathe life back into America.

Donald Trump is the walking, Zombie of the Republican Party;  a full blown Psychopath, Bigot, Racist, Misogynist, Bankruptcy Swindler, and a Repugnant Reprobate.

Save America, support and Vote for Hillary Clinton to continue President Obama’s Legacy and build on his successes.

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Irrespective of the unbelievable disrespect Republicans have thrown at President Obama, if it wasn’t for Obama’s decency and integrity, we would be suffering more shame than what Republicans and people like Donald Trump have imputed on America.




Republicans And Fox News Are Playing The Victims When In Fact They Indulged Misogynist, Bigot, Racist, Hater And Bankruptcy Shyster Donald Trump To Explode On Others Including President Obama.

But Now That Trump Has Become A Liability For Republicans, Fox And The GOP Are Crying Wolf!

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