Hillary Clinton Is Only 89 Delegates Short Of Reaching 2,383 Delegates The Required Number For The Democratic Nomination. Essentially, Hillary Clinton Is Our Official Nominee.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the entire Obama Administration has worked extremely hard to restore America Economically and America’s Credibility around the world, after George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republicans destroyed everything.

Now, we must move foward with full force with our undivided support and votes to insure that Hillary Clinton is the 45TH President of the United States, to continue President Obama’s Legacy, Policies and Achievements, making America even greater than what it already is.

We must work on all Fronts;

Keeping the White House;

Retake the Senate;

Retake the House of Representatives and;

Win as many Governor Mansions as virtually possible to continue to move America forward from the do nothing, obstructionist Republicans.

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