The false equivalence between Donald and Hillary is one of the most nefarious media deceptions we’ve ever seen. Don’t fall for it. Donald is disliked because he lies to people, Hillary because she is lied about.

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In recent weeks, we’ve seen a systematic effort by the national media to normalize Donald and equate him with Hillary. Bernie Sanders and some on the left are aiding and abetting them.

But there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing in common between Hillary and Donald. She is light to his darkness, stability to his chaos, discipline to his recklessness, compassion to his bigotry, intelligence to his ignorance.


David Roberts at Vox Writes:

She understands how policy and government work. She’s not openly racist; she hasn’t encouraged street violence. There’s no risk that she would disrupt the international order or cause an economic crisis out of pique.

And he rightfully concludes:

There will be a tidal pull to normalize this election, to make it Coca-Cola versus Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola versus sewer water.


The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik is making waves with a blunt   assessment of the danger Donald Trump poses:

One can argue about whether to call him a fascist or an authoritarian populist or a grotesque joke made in a nightmare shared between Philip K. Dick and Tom Wolfe, but under any label Trump is a declared enemy of the liberal constitutional order of the United States—the order that has made it, in fact, the great and plural country that it already is. He announces his enmity to America by word and action every day.


And yet, our national media, the Republican Party, and a handful of Hillary detractors on the left want to pretend that there is some parity between Hillary and Donald. There. Is. Not.

Hillary’s negative ratings are the result of a billionaire-funded conservative effort to destroy her image. Trump, on the other hand, is despised by millions of people because his behavior is unquestionably despicable.

Lamentably, the right-wing attack campaign against Hillary’s character has been bolstered by Bernie, his aides and surrogates, whose Wall Street Dog Whistle is a disgusting and baseless attempt to paint her as corrupt.

There is no equivalence between Hillary and Donald, and yet our national media — whose mission to undermine Hillary supersedes any common sense or ethical standards — are foisting this false equivalence on the public.

Watch Jane Hall explain how the media’s constant questions about Hillary’s trustworthiness contribute to a lack of trust. “Push polling” as she correctly calls it. It is a dirty game and they know exactly what they’re doing.

Written by Peter Daou; was a former adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and a veteran of two presidential campaigns. He is the CEO of True Blue Media, which owns and operates Blue Nation Review.


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