The Corporate Owned Misogynistic Media Give Charlatan, Donald Trump, The Bankruptcy Swindler, Bigot, Fascist, Racist Billions In Free Air And Print Time, Even Though He Is A Known Crook That Wouldn’t Release His Taxes, But The Same Misogynistic Media Criticizes And Denigrates Hillary Clinton Even Though She Has Released 33 Years Of Tax Returns.

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To prove that the Media is Anti-Women Anti-Hillary, the same can be said about Bernie Sanders. Except for the release of 7 incomplete pages from his 2014 Tax, Sanders has and continue to refuse to release his Tax Returns, despite his many promises.


Bernie Sanders Wife, Jane Sanders, is under investigation for Bank Fraud in Vermont, but the main stream Media also gives her a free pass, not because of her, but because of Bernie Sanders.

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Three Corporations own all of the Media; 1,500 Television Stations, 9,000 Radio Stations, 1,100 Magazines, 1,500 News Papers and 2,400 Publishers. Hence the reason in Print and on Television the News is the same. They may say it differently or print it differently, but it is still propaganda.


Today’s News is Propaganda and Journalism is DEAD!


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is fighting Two Unethical Men, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as well as the powerful Anti-Women Anti-Hillary Media.


However, Hillary Clinton will prevail and we will elect the First Woman President, shaming the Male Dominated Chauvinistic Media, Misogynist Men and even some not so bright Women.


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Whether you are a man or woman, Hillary Clinton is the most experienced, knowledgeable Person that has ever run for President. Let us make History; Visit Hillary’s website and give her your support.

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BOHRC MAY 24 2016

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