Donald Trump Has A Big Empty Hole Running Right Through Him; He Can Never Lie Enough; Defraud Enough; Insult Enough, Brag Enough Or Ever Inflict Enough Pain, To Fill The Hole That Has Him In Constant Misery.

NAnyone that isn’t uninformed, ignorant, uneducated or brainwashed has got to know that Donald Trump is the biggest Liar, the most Dishonest Person to ever have run for the Presidency Of The United States.


Trump lies shamelessly every single hour of every single day and the bankruptcy of his moral decay is self evident that even when he is confronted with an actual video of his lies, Donald insists that he didn’t say whatever is actually coming out of his mouth.


Donald Trump is a Bigot, Fascist, Misogynist, Racist and America’s biggest Con Man and it unbelievable that Trump became the Nominee for the imploding Republican Party. But, we shouldn’t be surprised because;


What Donald Trump is in Public Republicans are in Private. The GOP has been manifesting all of these egregious machinations over the years and yes, KARMA has hit them like a Ton Of Bricks. Perhaps after the total demise of Abraham Lincoln’s Party in November, the remnants of what little good may be left, the Grand Old Party will reestablish itself as the “Once Great Party” of Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Unite And Vote Blue to elect Hillary Clinton’s as the 45TH President and for Democrats to retake the Senate, House of Representatives and as many Governor’s Mansions as virtually possible. With your help and those accomplishments, we can keep America moving forward as President Obama has done, after George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Party threw us into the abyss and left for dead.


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