No John McCain President Obama Is Not Responsible For Orlando Nightclub Shooting Or ISIS

John McCain Blames President Obama For ISIS And The Orlando Deadly Attack.

John McCain, it is you, George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the other Warmongers that illegally Invaded Iraq are the ones that created ISIS, the Chaos in Iraq, Syria and around the World.

George W Bush asked Congress to approve a Bill as leverage only, to threaten Saddam Hussein in allowing the UN Inspectors back into Iraq.

Instead, George W Bush and Dick Cheney falsely  used the Bill to invade Iraq and if that wasn’t bad enough, Bush and Cheney installed Nour al-Maliki, the Iranian Puppet as Leader of Iraq.

It was George W Bush that signed the agreement for US Troops to leave Iraq at the end of 2011.

And it was Nour al-Maliki that refused to sign the “Status of Forces” agreement that would have allowed President Obama to leave some US Troops in Iraq, under US Protection.

John McCain, you area a pathetic warmonger and it is you and the Republicans that are a disgrace and America’s greatest enemy.

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